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....... Pyracantha coccinea (Scarlet firethorn) .......

They are a good shrub for a wildlife garden, providing dense cover for roosting and nesting birds, summer flowers for bees and an abundance of berries as a food source.
Pyracantha berries are not poisonous as commonly thought; although they are very bitter, they are edible when cooked and are sometimes made into jelly.

well ... i don't know how to make jelly out of them ... so ... you have to do that by yourself !!!!
have a sweet saturday, full of fun !!! :D
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 26 2007 22:45 GMT suzannesmash
Well, they look so perfect anyway, jelly or not...and have a sweeeeeeet
sweet saturday you too!
Oct 26 2007 22:49 GMT Mafernandes
have a nice weekend
Oct 26 2007 22:50 GMT jceca PRO
thank you marcia ... you too ...
Oct 26 2007 22:52 GMT jceca PRO
do blackbirds have a recipe, maybe ? :-))
Oct 26 2007 22:55 GMT Vasca
I like this plants!!
In a little forest next to my mum's house they are lots of these! And when I was a kid I used to eat them, hehe
There are 3 different species: red orange and yellow.

Have a sweet saturday Svet!!
Oct 26 2007 23:01 GMT jceca PRO
yeah, i know ...
some people in my neighbourhood have little bushes ... red, orange, yellow then again red orange yellow ... and again ... as a decoration ... but in the yard, behind the fence ...
couldn't take the photos there ...

and ... when i was a kid i used to eat them too ... :-)
Oct 27 2007 00:02 GMT aquiles PRO
GRACIAS POR ESTA BELLA AMARGA FRUTA !!!!!... también lo amargo es < a veces> necesario como sabor...hace sentir más dulce a lo dulce.
Oct 27 2007 00:04 GMT elimar
muy linda foto, buen fin de semana!!
Oct 27 2007 00:07 GMT abojovna PRO
Very nice photo of interesting fruit! Have a beautiful weekend Svetlana, good night!

I love Google:-)
In Czech: Hlohyne sarlatova :-)
Chalkony v Pyracantha coccinea. 4',6'-dihydroxy-2'-methoxychalkon-4-O-b-D-glukopyranosid.

Floridata: Pyracantha coccineaFirethorn (Pyracantha coccinea) is native within a range extending from southern Europe to Caucasus Mountains in western Asia
Oct 27 2007 00:14 GMT jceca PRO
i love google too, but i don't like my internet connection at all !!!
impossible to find everything i need, or want ....
no idea how we call it in serbian ... never heard ...

have a nice weekend too !!! and good night ......
Oct 27 2007 01:14 GMT jamaboop
I think I will pass - jelly is a lot of work, jam now, that's not so hard to do. ;) Pretty, the way you did this!!
Oct 27 2007 01:51 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful work!
INteresting fruits and beautiful colours!
I've never seen before. :))
Oct 27 2007 03:25 GMT iyerhari
lovely shot, great details:)
Oct 27 2007 03:35 GMT Milibuh
Beautiful and sweet !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 27 2007 04:46 GMT larrybenedict
Funny no one mentioned the thorns....but the focus is on the sweet, huh? Very nice photos.
Oct 27 2007 04:49 GMT larrybenedict
Upon inspection of the bush in the original size, I did not see any thorns. The pyracantha bush in my garden has lots of thorns...lots!
Oct 27 2007 08:16 GMT junne PRO
makes good table decorations when you entertain, oh i forgot you are entertaining via the internet!
Oct 27 2007 12:27 GMT jceca PRO
this is not original size, of course... and yes you are right ... not visible this way at all ...
i've inspected original photo just now . there ARE the thorns, but ... JUST on the biggest branches !!!
it's strange larry, indeed ...

lot of these plants in my neighbourhood and they are all VERY thorny ...
took these pics in downtown, yesterday ...
these could be some noble version ... just because they live in the city !!! :-))
Oct 27 2007 12:31 GMT jceca PRO
you could find them all around here, Poulet ... growing wild ...
but some of people plant them as a decoration ... or as hedge.
Oct 27 2007 12:35 GMT jceca PRO
ok jamaboop ... will upload the photo with dog rose in ... so you can make jam .. or just tea ... that's faster !!! :D

thank you ....
Oct 27 2007 19:09 GMT LizSA
beautiful colour..... mmm... sometimes jelly is very tasty... depends on who
prepare it...
we once had a bottle of Jelly from a person my husband had to go see when
he worked... it was the most delicious jelly, made of our marula fruit... a wild
sort of berrie, very much like a leechy.... you can buy Marula liqeuer...!!
Oct 28 2007 01:24 GMT jceca PRO
never heard about it .. but ... just have found it in wikipedia !!!
it says belongs to the same family as pistachio ...

and this is what i found very interesting about it too ...
" An infusion of the inner bark of the marula tree can be applied to scorpion stings and snake-bites to alleviate pain. "

i'm much smarter now ... thanks to you !!! :-))
Oct 28 2007 15:52 GMT yvon
wonderful framed
Oct 28 2007 18:13 GMT bennystr
It's just a lazy excuse jceca... :-)
Beautifully captured!
Oct 28 2007 18:20 GMT jceca PRO
Oct 28 2007 20:34 GMT Maaya
I am sure you had a sweet saturday !:-)))))))

Have a great life my friend !
Oct 28 2007 22:17 GMT mariazinha32
LOL...it´s much easier buying jelly...
great entry
Oct 28 2007 23:28 GMT jceca PRO
bingo !!! :-))
thank you
Oct 29 2007 16:26 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I bet I could make really good jelly out of these...sweet!
Oct 29 2007 16:57 GMT jceca PRO
i KNOW you could !!! :-)
Oct 29 2007 20:01 GMT pauli3522
Oct 29 2007 21:21 GMT jceca PRO
noup, not sweet at all .... just if you make jam or jelly out of them ...
just birds like them this way !!!!
Oct 31 2007 13:57 GMT pauli3522
Nov 03 2007 09:02 GMT grimp PRO
About the jelly, I found this: http://plantanswers.tamu.edu/trees/pyracan.html

We have those in the front garden. Very thorny indeed. The birds like them. They eat them by the kilo and then they sh*t everywhere. Leaves 'nice' red spots on cars. Arrgh!
Nov 03 2007 12:54 GMT jceca PRO
my sincere condolences :D

thanks for the link !!!