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... little marzipan tree in front of my house ... ( 1 )

actually, it is not the tree yet, just a few tiny branches ... but i hope, one day it will give me the chocolates !!!!!! :-)))

* bad focus, i know ... the wind was blowing and couldn't catch the branches normally ... *
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 15 2007 12:59 GMT junne PRO
marzipan tree is good. i only know marzipan pigs and rabbits. it matches your new location. if that is to keep me sneaking into your backyard, think again! :-)))))))))) i find everybody, everywhere!!!
Apr 15 2007 13:31 GMT 32131
Beautiful! :)
Apr 15 2007 14:40 GMT jceca PRO
i don't mind if find you in my backyard !!!
you can take the photos of everything ... there is nothing to hide ... :-))
as for neighbour's backyards, better don't do that ... some of them have an alarm !!!!

anyhow, marzipan fruit looks similar as almond, but it has that stuff in the middle ( i don't know in english ), as apricot. just smaller ...
but, i'll see the fruits on this one in some other life, maybe ... it's too young.
Apr 15 2007 15:42 GMT iyerhari
lovely, i will wait...:))
Apr 15 2007 22:40 GMT junne PRO
somebody told you a tall tale! marzipan is made of almonds! i even looked it up in the encyclopedia for you, because i remembered the main ingredient. :::::

a malleable confection of crushed almonds oralmond paste, sugar, and whites of eggs. Soft marzipan is used as a filling in a variety of pastries and candies; that of firmer consistency is traditionally modeled into fanciful shapes, such as miniature fruits, vegetables, and sea creatures, and coloured realistically.

Confectioners recognize two methods of making marzipan. The German variety is a mixture of almonds and sugar ground coarse and heated until dry; after cooling, glucose and icing sugar are added. French marzipan is not cooked, but sugar is boiled with water and added to the almonds to render a finer, more delicate texture and whiter colour.
marzipan tree :-))))
Apr 15 2007 22:55 GMT jceca PRO
yes i know it is almond tree .... but are you sure that every sort of almond is good to make marzipane of ???
i think, that's the catch ... that's why people call it marzipan tree ...
or .... just somebody started to call it like that and everybody do the same now ... :-)
however, i'm waiting for the chocolates !!!!!
don't take this literally !!!! :-)))
Apr 16 2007 00:49 GMT Poulet PRO
Very beautiful !!
Love pink colour and those tender petals.... Beautiful lighting here !
I only know marzipan in tiny cute animals too.... And, I love Junne's info. :)))
Apr 16 2007 03:01 GMT aquiles PRO
Apr 18 2007 18:11 GMT jamby PRO
i like the contrast of the brown fence through this shot Jcec...makes this image more interesting to see