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it was flying around my head, than jumping on my arm, then running around my feet, while i was writing the comments here, on FT !!!!!

just UNACCEPTABLE !!!!!!
and ... i did it ........

OMG !!!!!! jceca became a real murder !!!!!! :-)

* better in bigger size *
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 16 2007 00:16 GMT wifey
Bugger… ew… I'm glad it's dead. My kitten ate one of these this morning. :)
Jul 16 2007 00:19 GMT jceca PRO
good kitty !!!!! :-))
Jul 16 2007 00:28 GMT Vasca
Ajjjjjjjjjjjjjj !!
jeje you're a murderer!! :o))))))))
Jul 16 2007 00:53 GMT junne PRO
probably didn't like what you wrote
Jul 16 2007 01:27 GMT jenylew
LOL! Atta way, slugger!
I just love that you whacked it, then must have looked down at it, and then had to photo it! Too funny!
Jul 16 2007 01:38 GMT Milibuh
Pensé que estaba echada tomando el sol cual sirenita a la espera de un amor...
Jul 16 2007 01:41 GMT jceca PRO
and even to try to get the best angle and not shinyyy photo because of the flash .... couldn't take the photo without it, it was toooo dark in the room ... :-)

thanks for your comments !!!!
Jul 16 2007 01:43 GMT hanek
Amen !!!
Jul 16 2007 01:45 GMT jceca PRO
you are so romantic this evening querida !!!!!!!!

that sol you can see is flash light ... taken at 04:06 in the morning ... no sun then ...... but i LOVE your imagination .... :-)))
Jul 16 2007 03:44 GMT iyerhari
right now i will inform the Police:))
Jul 16 2007 03:46 GMT gtc126
Great Shot!!! Don't touch it we will have to collect DNA samples.. We will have to determine if this was self-defense or Imporch or a Roach!!!!! LOL!!!!!
Jul 16 2007 03:59 GMT Pueo PRO
Hmm one American Roach down, several million to go.
Jul 16 2007 04:28 GMT Poulet PRO
May I join the MURDERER team????
I have many kind of poisioned fungi!!!! ;)))))
Jul 16 2007 05:12 GMT KhanhNgoc
I fear cockroach so much!
I had never care to kill one :((
Someone believe that cockroach bring them a lot of lucky :)))
You are a hero for me, Jceca :))
Jul 16 2007 05:50 GMT Kurt
Oh..so our dear jceca is a murder now??
Well...anyway...it's a great macro ;-))
Jul 16 2007 09:24 GMT irashid
Great Job!!!

And like warriors you have captured it after the victory................lol

Jul 16 2007 10:16 GMT monica
qué especie es?
Jul 16 2007 10:25 GMT JJAP
TITA or SLOVODANA??????????????
Jul 16 2007 11:04 GMT jceca PRO
just KGB !!!!!!
don't tell me you didn't know this was a part of my job too !!!!! :-))
Jul 16 2007 11:08 GMT jceca PRO
i don't know its name monica ... it had black hard wings .... lots of them all around here ...
and as wifey said in her comments, cats like to eat them very much !!!!
the only thing i know it was NOT la cucaracha ........
Jul 16 2007 11:13 GMT jceca PRO
it was still moving the legs wile i was taking the photo, gtc ...
you know, couldn't smash it to the last bone, before i took the photo of my " job " to show it to my bosses !!!
seems that i just have confessed it hadn't been any self defense :D
Jul 16 2007 11:14 GMT jceca PRO
i'm sooooo happy now, KhanhNgoc !!!!! thank you !!!!! :-)))
Jul 16 2007 11:17 GMT jceca PRO
hey, hey, hey Poulet .... don't play like innocent ... you ARE the part of that team already !!!!!
will send you a secret code which ones and when i want to get them delivered ...... :-))
Jul 16 2007 11:33 GMT zukica
Aaaaaaaaa kakva uzasna buba!!!!!!! kakv zoom!!! super!
Jul 16 2007 13:23 GMT senna3
At least this beautiful creature is now a celebrity at FT!
Amazing sharp macro by the way!!
Jul 16 2007 14:44 GMT will
OMG...How very cruel you are jceca..!! And this left right at the murder scene...very bold of you to exhibit your crime in such a fashion!!
Jul 16 2007 14:47 GMT hevychevy PRO
aw poor dead bug , dead from the rathe of Jceca :)
Jul 16 2007 16:16 GMT SIGMUND
Asesinato en la casa de Jceca!!!!
Jul 16 2007 17:19 GMT garynumber1cleaner
Yum Yum .. Bush Tucker ! ;-)
Jul 16 2007 17:49 GMT Lalbabu
You are a brave lady since you have not jumped up & toppeled everything as it flew around your head then on your arm & feet.
Jul 16 2007 18:47 GMT Parens
E neka si ga!
Jul 16 2007 19:23 GMT pauli3522
Jul 16 2007 19:39 GMT fletrik
another bug bites the dust....!
Jul 16 2007 19:57 GMT jceca PRO
if i meet her family, i'll send them to you ... to take a good care of them ... ok ??? :-)))

by the way, how do you know it was a girl ???
Jul 16 2007 21:02 GMT gwen83
You are very funny jceca:))
Jul 16 2007 21:47 GMT faenzu
What weapon did you use ?...gun shot ;-))
Jul 16 2007 22:22 GMT bennystr
* better in bigger size *... I don't think so... :-)
Great catch though!
Jul 31 2007 00:34 GMT Keitology
good! you're brave :) I have a spider for few days, cannot kill him at all
will try spray tomorrow :D
Jul 31 2007 00:39 GMT jceca PRO
i use to kill these every day !!!! full house ...... :S