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" In the right hand is hate,
In the left is love.
In between all that is not seen
lay indifference,
scowling at the world,
glassing the eyes of the moral,
whilst loving that which
you hurt ... "
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 23 2007 22:56 GMT Bali
Stunning and great!!!!!!!!
Jan 23 2007 23:12 GMT jamby PRO
great artistic creativity Jceckie!!!
Jan 23 2007 23:18 GMT PhotoPro PRO
very, very cool!
Jan 23 2007 23:23 GMT suzannesmash
Ahhh WONDERFUL WORK...my dear, and now..goodnight from Sweden, see you for coffee tomorrow. Sweet dreams wonderful lady...its all in our hands..
Jan 23 2007 23:28 GMT poy2x
so cool!!!
Jan 23 2007 23:38 GMT matrixIceman
Exellent Job...that Colours have something classic...if you print that in "Canvas" is worth a lot of money ;) take care and dont be afraid of Solutions...if you want to live live...its the YES...what gives you the Experience to be wise and smart when you are older one Day ( that was for about what you had written underneath Jamby`s post on my Post ;)...a big hug from Tenerife
Jan 23 2007 23:48 GMT Dorado
really snowing ???
la nieve es real, porsupuesto que siiiiiiiiiiiii

Thank you
Jan 23 2007 23:52 GMT junne PRO
at least they are still reaching for each other!!!

beautiful image, jceca. albrecht dürer would have approved!
i like the color, the dreamlike appearance and the composition. very well done!
Jan 23 2007 23:56 GMT jceca PRO

Jan 24 2007 00:20 GMT nzshutter PRO
Wonderful image and words!!
Jan 24 2007 02:10 GMT wifey
Keep those hands together… they can do no harm that way! :)
Jan 24 2007 02:29 GMT deanbed
What great artwork, so very good!
Jan 24 2007 03:59 GMT Milibuh
Bellas manos ...bellas palabras...
Jan 24 2007 04:04 GMT victoto
curious two thumbs pointing the same spot....super work...tks shr pic
Jan 24 2007 05:59 GMT elbeaver
strange but fascinating
Jan 24 2007 06:01 GMT pinko

..brava ceca:)..
Jan 24 2007 06:38 GMT Kurt
Love is in the left hand???...Thank God, I'm lefthanded ;-))))
Super work, dear Svetlana...;-))
Jan 24 2007 06:46 GMT mp0255
excellent editing my friend
Jan 24 2007 07:31 GMT botticcelli
beautiful poem, excellent image!!
Jan 24 2007 10:54 GMT stellarossa
good work!:)
Jan 24 2007 11:09 GMT monsteriggypop
Divno! Ma,prelepo.....
Jan 24 2007 12:04 GMT AnnyE
Jan 24 2007 12:13 GMT azul
: )
Jan 24 2007 13:09 GMT senna3
Wonderful words and beautifully illustrated.
Jan 24 2007 13:36 GMT will
Wow...once again..!! work of art and words..!!
Jan 24 2007 14:39 GMT czcezar
pure art - DaVinci´s inspiration
Jan 24 2007 14:42 GMT jceca PRO
thank you :-)
Jan 24 2007 15:35 GMT faenzu
excellent work!!
Jan 24 2007 16:02 GMT EuCarlosFilipe
One of the best photos I saw here in FT....Impressive and touching
Jan 24 2007 16:10 GMT Qualquer
sucha a wonderful photo Svetlana...very deep...
and wonderful words also...very well done
Jan 24 2007 17:00 GMT rhynnligwak
great work Ms. Jceca

The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it's indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it's indifference. And the opposite of life is not death, it's indifference...Elie Wiesel
Jan 24 2007 18:47 GMT LizSA
rhynnligwak....dankie...thankyou.....i did not know what to comment.....
here Jceca really had me confused.......
and all those emotions does exit....it is around us...it is in us......it is there...
thankyou Jceca........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 24 2007 20:26 GMT hamrahi
Excellent art work.................................
Jan 24 2007 20:39 GMT litz
and Elie Wiesel is absolutely right rhynn...........!!!
is better to be hurt by loving than to be hurt in hatred!!!!!!!!!
matrixIc..... has a great idea of hw to make use of this terrific photo jc..!!!
Jan 24 2007 20:41 GMT Riet
Outstanding! You can be very proud of this one! My fav.....beautiful and touching.......
Jan 24 2007 20:50 GMT jceca PRO
thanks Riet :-)
Jan 24 2007 22:49 GMT rhynnligwak
this goes to my fave too, i love the way you put justice to your work
the rustic colour style is great, adds so much to life
and what you tries to convey in your message

it's the indifference that is killing half of the world we're living
it's the indifference that is blinded us with the reality this world is facing
it's the indifference that turned out because of the hatred we feel and keep
inside our heart

love is what this world need to keep existing
and i believe there is so much love in your heart Jceca
to be indifferent :)

Jan 25 2007 03:29 GMT jceca PRO
you are sooooo right, rhynnligwak !!!!! :-)
thank you ....
Jan 25 2007 04:35 GMT NeiK
Wow! The picture is fantastic! And the words are wonderful too. Great work!
Jan 25 2007 13:30 GMT hallo
Work of art and words of poetry :)
Jan 25 2007 13:33 GMT jceca PRO
thank you, hallo :-)
Jan 25 2007 22:26 GMT abojovna PRO
Yes! Wonderful message and nice photo, bravo jceca!
Jan 25 2007 23:16 GMT jomoud PRO
wonderful work jceca
Jan 26 2007 07:35 GMT Elise
excellent composition.........gorgeous shot sweetie!
Jan 30 2007 17:01 GMT gmastro
PERFECT WORK!!!!! well done my friend!
Jan 30 2007 17:05 GMT jceca PRO
thanks for all you comments, my friend !!!! :)
Jan 31 2007 19:38 GMT tadieubone PRO
excellent, like magic !!!