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some * laying on the ground * shots ... ( 1 )
taken in front of my house ...

this ruffled plant is 0,5 - 1cm " high "
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 15 2007 15:03 GMT Poulet PRO
Great angle!!!
Beautiful play with DOF control!
I love this " ant eye view " shot, dear! ;))))
Jul 15 2007 15:08 GMT jceca PRO
i like ant eye view too, but you know .... always that strange look of the people ... even the neighbours ...... :-)
Jul 15 2007 15:17 GMT Poulet PRO
I found the same when I did it!!
Some people came close to have a look what am I doing. Once, a man came and walked around the area, and he asked me " what are you doing? ".
He SAW that I have a camera in my hand, Svet.......omg!!!! I wanna reply him that " I'm cooking!!!!! Wanna try??? " ;P
Jul 15 2007 15:23 GMT jceca PRO
suzannesmash had the same experience !!!!!
but somebody asked her, was she ok, or something like that ...and she had that BIG camera !!!

nobody ask anything here ... just that look in their eyes, to makes you feel like the biggest idiot in the world ...
Jul 15 2007 15:30 GMT abojovna PRO
Nice suculents, dear Svetlana, nice place around your home!
Jul 15 2007 15:40 GMT Poulet PRO
I have a compact one BUT I always have SD cards and batteries in a bag with me! Mostly, I took pic at least 10-15 shots per subject, dear!
I think people who's not a blind should know what I'm doing!!!!
....Sometimes, people passed and they stop to look, then they asked each other " What's she doing???? ".... If I'm not in a good mood, this is really annoying, dear! I replied them....in my heart, " I'm killing both of you!!! "...;p
Jul 15 2007 16:04 GMT iyerhari
wow!!!!!!!!! i really appreciate you.........:))

Pl. take it easy:))
Jul 15 2007 16:20 GMT junne PRO
never thought that poulet could kill anybody, even in her dreams :-))))
now, the girl in svetland is an other issue :-)))
Jul 15 2007 17:12 GMT jceca PRO
so very true, junne !!!!!!! :-)
Jul 15 2007 17:50 GMT senna3
Another spectacular macro!
Jul 15 2007 18:03 GMT irashid
Wonderfully done job!!!

Excellet DOF !!! Lovely angle!!!
Jul 15 2007 23:17 GMT JJAP
It seems that you have tropical plants there. Good shot!!!!!
Jul 16 2007 01:37 GMT Milibuh
Green life around you...that is good for snaking time...:)))
Jul 16 2007 01:50 GMT jceca PRO
ahhhhh ... these plants are so tiny ... just that dead bug could have snaking time here ......
it was like amazon for it !!!!
i need something bigger .... :-))
Jul 16 2007 16:17 GMT SIGMUND
Lovely shot, much green!!!
Jul 16 2007 19:54 GMT jceca PRO
yeah , too bad ... :(
some fuji one, i don't know exactly .... but much better than one i have .....
i was angry because they told us we were all welcome and then looked for pro photos ....

thank you very much, lke !!!!!
Jul 18 2007 02:03 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Very cool shot hon!