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ZOO PALIC - one eye blind lama


ZOO PALIC - one eye blind lama
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 14 2006 00:17 GMT capcorse
Ah! one eye, just like me.
My friend adores llamas, and would go into serious Aaawwwwww! mode, if I show her this!
Jul 14 2006 01:38 GMT jceca PRO
did i understand it well.... you have just one eye ????
i'm not happy to hear something like that... :(

show this llama to your friend... really looks interesting... have you noticed, that non blind eye is black and this one clear blue...
Jul 14 2006 20:39 GMT capcorse
I have only the one functioning eye now jceca, after years of diabetes and botched operations - and my one working eye has an implant inside, for me to see at all!!
Jul 14 2006 20:44 GMT jceca PRO
omg...... diabetes is very, very bad.... a lot of people in my enviroment have it, unfortunately.... too much complications... :((
Jul 14 2006 20:53 GMT capcorse
But I am still spared long enough to take images...I hope. Lots of thrombi, waiting, ready to rob me of what little I have left....