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La flor solitaria
que se abre al sol,
perfumada, simple,
en la mañana clara,
deslumbrada, ¡es bella!

Te vengo a invocar, materno Padre.

Para que en esta mañana
tu gracia me sensibilice
delante de las bellezas de la vida,
de las caricias del amor
y de la simpleza de la amistad.
Cuando despunta el sol
e ilumina y tiñe de colores el horizonte,
el pájaro canta, el rocío se evapora...
La vida despierta, ¡ha llegado el día!

Te vengo a invocar, materno Padre.

Para que en esta sencilla mañana
tu sabiduría me ilumine,
trayendo los colores de la alegría,
de la justicia y de la solidaridad.
Y que la libertad del amor,
cual lumbre divina
dirija nuestros pasos.

Hoy y siempre. Amén.

*** Extraído de Culto Arte - celebrando a Vida - tempo comum ***


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Comments on this photo:

Aug 19 2007 22:51 GMT REZWANA
wish i could read it!wonderful work
Aug 19 2007 22:53 GMT megmet PRO

The solitary flower that all is opened sun, scented, simple, in clear the morning, dazzled, is beautiful!

I come you to invoke, maternal Father.

So that in this morning your grace sensitize me in front of the beauties of the life, of the caresses of the love and of the
simple-mindedness of the friendship. When it blunts the sun and illuminates and stains of colors the horizon, the bird sings,
the dew evaporates... The life awakes, the day has arrived!

I come you to invoke, maternal Father.

So that in this simple tomorrow your wisdom illuminate me, bringing the colors of the happiness, of the
justice and of the solidarity. And that the liberty of the love, which divine light direct our steps.

Today and always. Amen.
Aug 19 2007 22:55 GMT ashdad PRO
Gorgeous flower / photo!
Aug 19 2007 22:57 GMT megmet PRO
That was just an on-line translater......but I think it imparts something of the beauty of the words and fits your lovely happy flower so well.

Aug 19 2007 22:57 GMT jceca PRO
THANKS A LOT !!!!!! :-)
Aug 19 2007 22:58 GMT PhotoPro PRO
this is beautiful Svetlana!!
Aug 19 2007 23:01 GMT SunnyRea
amazing colors...perfect frame!
Aug 19 2007 23:08 GMT elimar
Hermosa poesia!!!
Aug 19 2007 23:12 GMT Lubranco
Perfect ArtWork and unique poetry Jceca!
Aug 19 2007 23:51 GMT abojovna PRO
AMEN! Thank you very much, we all will get up Spanish ...

I love this poetry!!! Especialy verbalism VIDA - you know my reason for this ...
it´s LIFE ...
Aug 19 2007 23:52 GMT abojovna PRO
And wonderful photo of nice flower!
Aug 19 2007 23:58 GMT jceca PRO
yes, i know very well, claudia !!!!!!
thank you ............
Aug 20 2007 00:54 GMT Arik77
Gorgeous !
Aug 20 2007 00:58 GMT aquiles PRO
BELLO POEMA Y BELLÍSIMA FOTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!... tratarë !!!
Aug 20 2007 01:00 GMT aquiles PRO
..no tratarë !!!::::MUY DIFICIL DE TRADUCIR!!!
Aug 20 2007 01:03 GMT wifey
Oh wow… I thought this was a tapestry… outstanding image.
Aug 20 2007 01:05 GMT jceca PRO
yesss, i know !!!!
never mind, aquiles ...
there is a translation by megmet, actually by online translator ...
the most important is that people could get the point ...

thank you !!!!!!!!!! :-)
Aug 20 2007 01:31 GMT gtc126
Fantastic Shot....Beautiful Vivid color!!!!!!!
Aug 20 2007 01:40 GMT RainyDay
beautiful flower!
Aug 20 2007 01:55 GMT Poulet PRO
Gorgeous shot and thanks Meg for her great translation! :)))

Aug 20 2007 01:59 GMT hevychevy PRO
trust you on the words and the image is spectacular :)
Aug 20 2007 02:06 GMT Vasca
This is great!!!!
I like the contrasts of the photo very much!!!
Aug 20 2007 02:33 GMT monica
bellísima. rojo y verde buena pareja hacen :)))
la coronita amarilla en el centro, delicadísima! parecen flores amarillas..dentro de otra flor mas grande roja....muy bonito
la poesía linda! nunca había escuchado la frase: "materno Padre", suena dulce :)
Aug 20 2007 02:59 GMT jceca PRO
thank you, monica :-)
i've never heard about that phrase either ... even more difficult for translation ...
good night !!! :-)
Aug 20 2007 06:00 GMT bennystr
What have you done with my bee... ? :-)
Such a beauty!
Aug 20 2007 06:03 GMT Kurt
Hmmm...I didnt know, that you speak spanish??...WOW.
Great work, by the way..;-))
Aug 20 2007 06:26 GMT pp11364
It is an excellent shot.
Aug 20 2007 07:03 GMT rock
well done!
Aug 20 2007 08:07 GMT senna3
I cannot help you either Jceca, but the picture on its own is already wonderful!
Aug 20 2007 09:00 GMT marre

kao i uvek

Aug 20 2007 11:16 GMT Mariamel
So beautiful image ! Full of colour and life!
And the words so touching...-even online translated!
Aug 20 2007 11:21 GMT jceca PRO
i don't SPEAK spanish, Kurt .. i just can read it ...
well, i can't speak english either !!!! :-))

thank you ...........
Aug 20 2007 15:20 GMT Lalbabu
Don't want to comment about magnificent macro but how you have learnt about my favourite color?
Aug 20 2007 15:24 GMT jceca PRO
just a wild guessing !!! :-))
thank you, Lal !!!!!
Aug 20 2007 16:15 GMT pauli3522
Aug 20 2007 16:39 GMT Aurelie444
Just fantastic!
Aug 20 2007 16:45 GMT will
Wowwwwwwww!! Great one Svet, yes everything is ok! thanks!
Aug 20 2007 17:17 GMT hallo
Wow Wow Wow what striking color!
Aug 20 2007 17:21 GMT token
perfect flower
Aug 20 2007 17:56 GMT irashid
Thanks megmet for translation !!!

Excellent Work !!! Great Colors and Words Jceca !!!
Aug 20 2007 18:32 GMT adria
bellissima poesia e macro ! :)
Aug 20 2007 19:01 GMT LisaSam67
oh this is just marvelous sweety!!!!!!!!!! words, picture, feeling! Excellent work!
Aug 20 2007 21:44 GMT peterheaven
Este texto puedo traducir,pero no completo.Hai palabras que no entiendo.Me falta un diccionario Espanol.Puedo enviar te el texto como email,pero no es perfecto.Manana te lo tradusco si hay tiempo para hacer lo.
Aug 20 2007 21:45 GMT peterheaven
By the way the flowers next your camera looks always great.
Aug 20 2007 21:47 GMT jceca PRO
if you really want to do that, ok .... :-)
Aug 20 2007 21:54 GMT mariazinha32
what a beautiful flower
Aug 20 2007 21:57 GMT jceca PRO
really ?
but, i don't like to take the photos of the flowers ... i don't know why, just don't like to do that ...
very rarely ...

thank you anyway !!!!!
Aug 20 2007 22:24 GMT peterheaven
I saw that the flowers are not the mean part of your fotos,but you cach them always sucsessfuly
Aug 20 2007 22:31 GMT faenzu
Wonderful shot!!!
Aug 20 2007 22:33 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Beautiful flower my friend! Pretty colors:-))
Aug 21 2007 22:48 GMT Ometepe
Aug 22 2007 17:11 GMT mbz
Aug 22 2007 20:57 GMT dcz
me recuerda una corona floral..muy bella.
Aug 23 2007 01:36 GMT jenylew
Beautiful flower, and beautiful words.
Thanks meg for the translation! :-)
Aug 23 2007 02:10 GMT hamrahi
Aug 23 2007 02:14 GMT jceca PRO
thanks for all your comments !!!! :-)