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..... same case, just not the same photo ......

real colors here too, of course ...

* probably my last photo here ... *

all i could offer you were just those boring sunsets, or my body parts ...
and i won't to walk around half naked or naked JUST from the reason to be good enough to somebody ...
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 25 2007 12:29 GMT Poulet PRO
Now I can see it's not a lovely day!
BTW, great mood, dear. :))
Aug 25 2007 12:34 GMT jceca PRO
yeah, strange color of the sky ... taken just before the dark, without tripod.
thank you
Aug 25 2007 12:36 GMT backstreets PRO
And stil a beautful photo !!!!!
Aug 25 2007 12:57 GMT abojovna PRO
Very nice photo, Swetlana, always is very nice to see your /our/sky up head!
Aug 25 2007 14:22 GMT pp11364
Beautiful shot.
Aug 25 2007 14:36 GMT losp
Orchestra of darkened leaves playing to the soft, white
clouds and blue sky ! .. Let the imaging, fun, smile, laugh,
satisfaction, joy etc continue on .. Haha, I guess none
complain and hence the show must go on + very short
interval stoppage .. Best regards & wishes to jceca ..
Yes, have a very beautiful, inspirational Sunday !
Aug 25 2007 15:59 GMT bennystr
Beautifully taken!
Aug 25 2007 16:00 GMT korni
ona slika se savrseno vidi...i odlicna je!
Aug 25 2007 16:08 GMT jceca PRO
onda je samo ja tako vidim ?
bolje samo ja, nego svi ... :-)

hvala !!!
Aug 25 2007 16:24 GMT iyerhari
lovely time u got...
Aug 25 2007 21:02 GMT victoto
super pic.......but suddenly remembered Hitchkoh.....heheh.....saludos
Aug 25 2007 22:12 GMT tacka
odlična ova ideja sa kockom a????
Aug 25 2007 22:15 GMT mariazinha32
misterious beautiful blue shot
Aug 25 2007 22:24 GMT faenzu
beautiful sky shot!!!
Aug 25 2007 23:58 GMT aquiles PRO
Aug 25 2007 23:59 GMT aquiles PRO
Y OLVIDABA....BELLA FOTO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 26 2007 09:04 GMT frederike
So nice.....thank you for sharing this picture!
Have a nice Sunday.
Aug 26 2007 10:00 GMT rock
simply STUNNING!!!!!!
Aug 26 2007 11:33 GMT senna3
Simply beautiful!
Aug 26 2007 20:29 GMT will
Love this blue by the way!! )
Aug 26 2007 23:49 GMT gilbertoxp
Jceca...hacía rato que no miraba tus fotos...como siempre magníficas...esta resulta bella y misteriosa....estoy de acuerdo con Aquiles....nos haces falta....!!!!
Aug 27 2007 00:23 GMT abojovna PRO
Beauty is simplicity ... :-) my proverbmonday entry! Very nice shot! Have a beautiful week - and good night!
Aug 27 2007 05:10 GMT Athul
....nice capture
Aug 27 2007 15:00 GMT hevychevy PRO
omniouse blue sky very very mystical :))
Aug 27 2007 22:55 GMT Sweetoes PRO
This one is great...and your sunsets ARE NOT boring and body parts are cool...you don't need to walk around half naked...just be YOU hon...I love you for who you ARE. Got that?
Aug 27 2007 23:34 GMT Vasca
Baby, what do you mean with your last photo????
Please, we appreciate you sooo much here!! And all your photos are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 27 2007 23:35 GMT Vasca
Aug 28 2007 01:11 GMT jceca PRO
OMG gaby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
noup, i had no idea !!!!!
i was just wandering where he had disappeared with no words ... but ...........
it's so shocking to me right now ..........
Aug 28 2007 01:43 GMT Vasca
I'm sorry Svet!!!
I've just known it today!!
Aug 28 2007 01:54 GMT LisaSam67
that is just beautiful sweety! hope you don't really go but if you must it's understandable.... be true to yourself!
Aug 28 2007 02:12 GMT wifey
Your leaving would be tragic Svetlana… please don't go.
Aug 28 2007 02:22 GMT Poulet PRO
Svet, I just found out about Carlos and Iiza Levistrauss and I was SHOCKED!!
I feel so loss.....both are great friends....
I can't stop crying........

And now I saw what you said above.......it is totally SHOCKED me!
Please DON'T go!
You have many friends here and please don't care if there's some devil said any impolite or rude words to you. " You know well what I found here!!! " That's the worst thing I've ever found in my life but I'm still here!
You are always a very strong lady. You are stronger than me!

Just ignore those jerks!!!!!

Aug 28 2007 02:22 GMT jceca PRO
my account will stay here .. for now ........
Aug 28 2007 02:28 GMT jceca PRO
i just don't feel like uploading, nor commenting and talking to the others so much, Poulet ....
i'm looking at the photos ...
and .. i don't know will it be REALLY my last photo ... or will i leave ... i just don't know ...

it's like this right now .........
Aug 28 2007 02:32 GMT Poulet PRO
Really understand, dear!
I used to feel the same.

Aug 28 2007 11:46 GMT zukica
Hej cao!!! sta ima novo?? vidim imas punoooo novih fotki!!!
evo, leto se lagano priblizava kraju, treba uciti za septembarski rok....
kako si provela leto? pozz
Aug 28 2007 23:41 GMT JJAP
Comparto totalmente lo dicho por Aquiles.!!!!!!!!
Aug 29 2007 03:34 GMT bluefam
very nice.