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....... FOR YOU ......


P.S. there are more grapes in front of my house ... enough for all ...... :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 01 2007 00:09 GMT abojovna PRO
Ahahahaha I have the same mat :-)))! Nice tribute! Good night, I morning travel for weekend out from Prague!

Sep 01 2007 00:11 GMT stuboy
Make some wine out of them :)
Sep 01 2007 00:23 GMT jceca PRO
i drink just red wine stu .. but no problems ... there is that kind of material too ... :-)
Sep 01 2007 00:26 GMT jceca PRO
i remember it, claudia .... :-))

have a safe travel ( not 165 hours long !! ) and a great time !!! :-)

good night .....
Sep 01 2007 00:28 GMT jenylew
Wanted to comment on your transport,friday entry but you were sold out! :-) Tee hee! Great entry there and this is super too!

I love white wine so if you see a crazy blonde stomping around in your front garden don't mind me Im just makin myself a glass, Okay? :-)
Have a great weekend! :-)))))))))))))
Sep 01 2007 00:35 GMT jceca PRO
ok, i don't mind ........ :D
thanks a lot jen !!! great weekend to you too ......

Sep 01 2007 00:48 GMT aquiles PRO
Sep 01 2007 01:02 GMT junne PRO
thank you, but considering the number of your fan club, we will have to cut those grapes into slices to each get a taste:-)))

you see how aquiles is always nicer than i?
Sep 01 2007 01:05 GMT Milibuh
Me encantan y además muy saludables !!!
Sep 01 2007 01:06 GMT jceca PRO
much more grapes than fans, don't worry ........

but yes, i have to agree about aquiles !!!! :D
Sep 01 2007 01:21 GMT mavik
Thanks for the grapes, jceca!
Sep 01 2007 01:21 GMT Mandara
nice saturday to you to svetlana!
Sep 01 2007 01:31 GMT Studio88
Sweet Saturday To You Svetlana!!!
Sep 01 2007 01:34 GMT Poulet PRO
Whaooooooo............SO FRESHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Can you send some to me??.

Have a lovely Saturday, dear! :))
We have rain (again) since ast night and it just stop awhile ago...
Sep 01 2007 01:39 GMT jceca PRO
you know the way ...
i'm digging already !!!! :-))

no rain here right now, but the forecast for the next days is not promising at all ...
not even for the summer clothes anymore .. cold ... :(
Sep 01 2007 01:49 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I love grapes - thank you sweetie!!

Have a great weekend!

cold already..... well, we have it a little cooler it had been around 100 (38c) for several days each of the last 2 weeks but it was only 85 (29.4c) today - and the same tomorrow.... which is good - I'm going to shoot another air show! :-))
Sep 01 2007 01:59 GMT jceca PRO
it was so shocking over here this summer ... one day 40, next day 20, thunderstorms, sun, rain,strong wind .. every hour was different ...

but ... it has been just about 20 in the middle of the day now ...

oh well .. have a great clicking time, bill !!!!!!!
Sep 01 2007 02:16 GMT wifey
My kind of sweets. :)
Sep 01 2007 02:25 GMT danielaaa
thanks for the sweetness :D
nice polaroids
Sep 01 2007 02:54 GMT iyerhari

Tks. JC:)
Sep 01 2007 03:02 GMT Vasca
Mmmmmmmm grapes!!
They are soooo expensive over here right now!!!!
Sep 01 2007 04:10 GMT hevychevy PRO
great looking grapes , they are best right off the vine :))
Sep 01 2007 06:30 GMT suzannesmash
And WELCOME dear You too,, im sorry ive been so bad bad with commeting and watching my friends pics lately, but i been out of computer and TIME, and somehow it feels strange not to see it the usual way through my old computer...lol, any sens?
anyway have a wooonderful weekend you to KISS
Sep 01 2007 09:08 GMT gwen83
You too my friend, mabye i drop by today for some. Hahaha.........
Sep 01 2007 09:46 GMT zukica
Slazim se sa Stu-om, uvek vise volim belo nego crno vino... ;))
Ne znam kako je u subotici , ali u Ns je oblacno i tmurno, ne verujem da ce biti neki vedar vikend...
Sep 01 2007 10:13 GMT senna3
A very nice and sweet Saturday entry!
Your transportation entry is great too, creative picture with creative words!
Sep 01 2007 11:40 GMT jceca PRO
tu je takvo vreme već treći dan .. a vidim da je i prognoza za sledeću nedelju vrlo obećavajuća ...
hladno i kiša ... ode nam leto, izgleda ... :(
Sep 01 2007 11:43 GMT jceca PRO
don't be sorry, suz .. i understand that ...
as for strange feeling .. yeah, habits, habits ...
it does make a sense :-)

great weekend to you too and kiss back
Sep 01 2007 12:46 GMT Maaya
My husbands fave fruit !

Too much calories .....for me NO !:-)))
You made a lovely pic ......and i see that you have improved soooooo much in your photo skills !
Too busy ...will try to come later....
Sep 01 2007 13:45 GMT bennystr
Thanks, it looks great, very inviting image!
And the previous shot is fantastic too!
Sep 01 2007 14:44 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Oh YUMMMY jceca...nice shot!
Sep 01 2007 14:47 GMT jceca PRO
i'll eat your part, Maaya .. not a problem at all ... :-)

and thanks for the compliment !!!
Sep 01 2007 23:38 GMT aquiles PRO
Sep 07 2007 17:52 GMT gtc126
Beautiful Shots...Super Arrangement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 07 2007 17:55 GMT jceca PRO
thank you very much for so many nice comments, gtc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!