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happy, happy, happy birthday, dear Poulet !!!!!!
wish you all the best !!!!
and ... thanks for being YOU !!!! :-)

now ... the poem ... don't tell it hasn't written ESPECIALLY for you !!!!! :D

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday my friend
We wish you all the best
We hope you have many more
All healthy and full of zest

We hope you keep on snapping
That camera forever more
For you know that we anxiously await
Whatever pictures you have in store

We wish we could all be present
To watch you blow out the flame
And help you eat your cake
You’re a woman who’s blessed with fame

We hope you celebrate your day
With lots of gifts and delicious food
We know that you’ll be content
And in an extra joyful mood

We know that all the folks
That you care about the most
Will be there to sing Happy Birthday
And give you a birthday toast

Whatever makes you happy
Whatever brings a grin
This is what we wish for you
Let your birthday party begin!

* Marilyn Lott *


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Comments on this photo:

Oct 11 2007 20:20 GMT sini
Happy Birthday Poulet! Wonderful rose!:)
Oct 11 2007 20:24 GMT Elise
Happy Birthday dear Poulet..
Great tribute Jceca:)
Oct 11 2007 20:25 GMT PhotoPro PRO
happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy Birthday dear Poulet!!!
Oct 11 2007 20:51 GMT bennystr
Beautiful gift jceca!
Happy Birthday dear Poulet!
Oct 11 2007 20:52 GMT Vasca
Very beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to wish her happy birthday!
Oct 11 2007 21:09 GMT mariazinha32
a beautiful gift...and a happy birthday Poulet :-))
Oct 11 2007 21:39 GMT Coccina
Nice shot
Oct 11 2007 22:24 GMT marbon
great shot
Oct 11 2007 22:48 GMT Poulet PRO
Good (early) morning from the City Of Angel!!

Thank you SO MUCH, dear!!!
I'm spechless!
Thanks for EVERYTHING Svet!
Especially, thanks for being YOU, my dearest!! :)))

I'll go to make merit and will be back in late afternoon.
See ya!

HUGS! :))))
Oct 11 2007 22:49 GMT Poulet PRO
Thank you so much, EVERYONE! :)))
Oct 11 2007 23:57 GMT gtc126
Well Thanks Jceca, you chose my favorite flower,,, Super Capture love the color......
Happy Birthday My Dear Friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 12 2007 00:01 GMT aquiles PRO
Oct 12 2007 01:51 GMT iyerhari
Wonderful greetings JC:))

My best wishes toooooooooooooo:)
Oct 12 2007 02:54 GMT Milibuh
My best wishes for the Thai Girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 12 2007 05:48 GMT Kurt
Beautiful entry...and words ;-)
Have a super weekend, my friend..;-)
Oct 12 2007 11:18 GMT gilbertoxp
Hermosa foto y muy bonitas palabras para Pou......y sigue siendo tú Svet...eres maravillosa....!!!
Oct 12 2007 12:51 GMT megmet PRO
A beautiful rose and poem...

Happy birthday Poulet. xx
Oct 12 2007 13:37 GMT senna3
Beautiful present!
Poulet, once again, many Happy Returns!
Oct 12 2007 13:47 GMT Satto
Beautiful and so great tribute Jceca.....lovley light on that wonderful rose....:-)
Oct 12 2007 14:32 GMT soldier
Lovely rose presentation!!! Happy Birthday Poulet!!!
Oct 12 2007 15:30 GMT jamaboop
AWW!!! What a sweet birthday wish! And what a gorgeous rose!! :)
Oct 12 2007 16:16 GMT LisaSam67
very beutiful!!
Oct 12 2007 17:36 GMT Hamin PRO
This delicate, uniquely hued rose is almost - almost (not quite) as beautiful as you, Jceca !
Oct 12 2007 17:38 GMT garynumber1cleaner
lovely ... happy birthday poulet ;-)
Oct 12 2007 17:39 GMT jceca PRO
yeah, i'm uniquely hued too !!!! :D
same as all of us ....

thank you, manny ...
Oct 12 2007 18:01 GMT SIGMUND
happy birthday poulet!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 12 2007 18:30 GMT pp11364
Oct 12 2007 18:44 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful photo of "tea" rose!
Oct 12 2007 23:20 GMT sweet899
Wonderful image.... Wonderful tribute...
Oct 12 2007 23:48 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Oh thats beautiful jceca..Happy Birthday Poulet!
Oct 13 2007 00:10 GMT backstreets PRO
She is such a special woman......happy birthday to her...
Oct 13 2007 01:02 GMT wifey
A rose for Poulet… that's so thoughtful… because she is so thoughtful. Hugs.
Oct 13 2007 01:04 GMT jceca PRO
thank you, tracy ...
hugs back
Oct 13 2007 11:14 GMT Minz PRO
Happy Birthday to You Poulet.
What a Perfect Rose.
Oct 13 2007 12:24 GMT Bali
Soooooooooo fantastic tribute!!!!!
Oct 13 2007 12:40 GMT BobdeGroot
Happy birtday Poulet.
Great shot of this rose
Oct 16 2007 06:26 GMT mbz
Happy Birthday Poulet!
lovely shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 16 2007 06:27 GMT Hamin PRO
Floral H E A V E N ! ! ............ Hamin (Manny)
Oct 17 2007 21:59 GMT irashid
Outstanding Shot !!!
Oct 23 2007 04:03 GMT gtc126
Stunning Rose...Happy Birthday Poulet!!!!!!!!!!