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Dormida entre las flores sueño con un amor eterno
siento en mi centro el susurro del enamorado v...


Dormida entre las flores sueño con un amor eterno
siento en mi centro el susurro del enamorado viento
el cuál al acariciar fielmente mis rosadas mejillas
provoca que mi libertad lograda sonría tranquila.
Mi alma se abraza a la calma que trae tus mañanasy mi corazón late al compás de mil arpas aladas.
Estoy quizás extraviada en un mar de dulces nostalgias
donde las olas de tu mar me descubren y me atrapan
me llevan silenciosas a dormir en la comodidad de tu almohada
para ser con el sol radiante de tus besos por siempre mimada.
Mis cabellos finos como bella seda italiana encuentro
cada uno refleja los colores del arcoíris en su movimiento.
Vuelan cual mariposas que recién han salido del capullo
adornando cada paisaje creado por mi en un suspiro
Es tan grandioso el sueño que entre las flores he tenido!
Pero tengo que despertar para inmortalizarlo
en este fiel papel blanco donde lo he dejado escrito.



Sleeping among the flowers I dream of eternal love
feeling inside the whispering of the enamoured wind
that tenderly caresses my rosy cheeks,
soothes my acquired freedom.
My soul embraces the peace that your tomorrows bring
and my heart ’s filled with music of a thousand winged harps.
I am lost in a sea of sweet nostalgia
where the waves of your sea discover me and keep me trapped
carrying me silently to sleep in the ease of your pillow
to be forever in the radiating sun of your kisses.
My fine hair like beautiful Italian silk,
each one reflects the colours of the rainbow when it moves.
They fly like butterflies that just emerged
adorning each landscape created for me in a sigh.
The dream I have among the flowers is greater!
But I only have to wake up to immortalize it
on this faithful white paper where I carelessly have written it down.

THANK YOU RIET!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

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Comments on this photo:

Mar 31 2006 20:48 GMT Riet
So beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow I will try to translate your poem for myself; I know a little bit of Spanish, the dictionary is on my desk, I will need it!
I like the picture so much, the colours and the tenderness; very hopeful!
Mar 31 2006 20:50 GMT marijke06
nice virtual flowers!!! here is it raining most of the day......maybe tomorrow afternoon will be dry and a bit sunny again...
Mar 31 2006 21:03 GMT jceca PRO
i have a lot of beautiful poems, but all of them are in spanish..... unknown authors...
i don't know to translate them in english, unfortunately.... i tryed with some of online translators, but it's very bad... sometimes very funny... especially when the poem is sad!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 31 2006 21:08 GMT Probe
very nice artwork/photo, jceca!!!!!!!!!
Mar 31 2006 21:16 GMT lieke
amazing...very, very beautiful
Mar 31 2006 21:19 GMT Riet
Online translation is sh...t!
Mar 31 2006 21:27 GMT Riet
Could the first line be: 'Sleeping between the flowers I dream with an eternal love' ?
Mar 31 2006 21:32 GMT jceca PRO
exactly, riet!!!!! go ahead with your work :))
Mar 31 2006 21:47 GMT Riet
If you've got patience! it will take some time, but with a weekend ahead I think I can do it...I like to do it, it's a pleasure for me!
Mar 31 2006 21:52 GMT jceca PRO
OK :))
Mar 31 2006 21:54 GMT Riet
Good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hug!
Mar 31 2006 23:15 GMT ENZO
que poesia linda

Mar 31 2006 23:24 GMT junne PRO
yes, really a beautiful picture. harmonious colors and lines
Apr 01 2006 00:06 GMT iyerhari
Beautifully done, especially the matching frame.
Apr 01 2006 00:26 GMT nicoalfredo
TE FELICITO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 01 2006 01:06 GMT Milibuh
Bello Jceca te siento mejor ............
Apr 01 2006 01:09 GMT deanbed
A nice offering, appreciated!
Apr 01 2006 02:40 GMT aquiles PRO
precioso, preciosísimo poema y bellos lirios de la imaginación !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... deseo un muy feliz fin de semana para tí !!!!!!!!!
Apr 01 2006 04:15 GMT pinko

--nije valjda još uvijek zima?:)..
Apr 01 2006 04:47 GMT Levistrauss PRO
Estamos usando muito edição aqui no Fotothing...
Apr 01 2006 04:59 GMT Poulet PRO
beautiful work! :))
Apr 01 2006 06:15 GMT Mia87
WOW!!!!Lepo cvece, i lepa pesma, razumem sustinu...valjda.Icicu na kurs spanskog;)))
Apr 01 2006 07:21 GMT fey
Oh jceca .....This is an Amazing work.....

.....very very beautiful...............
Your virtual flowers are more beautiful ....
....than some of the real flowers i have seen.....
Wish i could understand those words...

....maybe i will use the translator..... ;-)))))))))))))
Apr 01 2006 12:29 GMT Kriszti
Virtual ?..Looks lovely :))
Apr 01 2006 12:36 GMT JJAP
Follow my advice: Stay away from sad poems. Life is beautiful!!!!!!
Apr 01 2006 14:12 GMT jel
Beautyful flowers
Apr 01 2006 17:52 GMT Marta
Very very pretty.
Apr 01 2006 20:49 GMT ArlenTavares
that God blesses these wonderful hands so that he can make pictures as beautiful as this.. kisss
Apr 02 2006 05:56 GMT Prikthai
Yes I agree with Marta. Very pretty.
Apr 02 2006 11:33 GMT soldier
This is wonderful!!!!
Apr 02 2006 15:46 GMT dpeteryes
Apr 02 2006 17:27 GMT suzannesmash
Aaahh, so simply beautiful
Apr 02 2006 21:24 GMT grenthal
ova je perfektna!!!!!
Apr 03 2006 20:39 GMT vuk
svakim danom u svakom pogledu sve vise.............
Apr 04 2006 06:25 GMT mp0255
Lovely presentation!!!
Apr 04 2006 14:26 GMT StavrosMoforis
Lovely poem and a wonderful picture!!!!!
Apr 05 2006 13:37 GMT kraj
Yes eternal love a utopia :-)