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My entry for this weeks theme

I've chosen this photo although the biker is very small because I want to give emphasis on how high is the mountain the biker has to climb

Please view the original size to see the biker :-)

Happy Weekend to Everyone!
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 26 2011 16:38 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
I would love to cycle up this mountain!

No, really, I would!
Aug 26 2011 16:43 GMT jamby PRO
I don't doubt that you can't do it Thor! I've seen your action photos from your archive. I've seen couple of ladies too who dared to climb the mountain cycling...
Aug 26 2011 16:44 GMT jomoud PRO
Nice shot my dear friend.
and indeed the biker represents healthy lifestyle:)
Have a wonderful healthy weekend Malen!~!
Aug 26 2011 16:52 GMT clintonfolks
Aug 26 2011 17:03 GMT saffi9
i would love to drive on here it looks great
Aug 26 2011 17:18 GMT jamby PRO
Certainly very beautiful sceneries along the way but this one was taken through the window of a running bus. We went with a group, an organize trip with 35 people in the bus and I was the youngest in the group..lol!
Aug 26 2011 17:21 GMT hans55 PRO
i would love to drive this roads !! ... or hike of roads !! :-) ...that sure is healthy !!!
Aug 26 2011 17:28 GMT PinkPepperPhoto PRO
Aug 26 2011 17:35 GMT GeoffReeves
Definately healthy to cycle along that winding route !
Aug 26 2011 17:39 GMT senna3
Perfect entry Malen!
Aug 26 2011 18:20 GMT Donjames
Way to tough for me, besides Im lazy..;-o)))
Aug 26 2011 18:22 GMT jamby PRO
You're excused Donjames, which is why I took the bus! :-)
Aug 26 2011 18:23 GMT sini
Wonderful healthy view!:)
Aug 26 2011 18:27 GMT Donjames
hahaha we have something in common....;-()))))
Aug 26 2011 18:31 GMT jamby PRO
I've seen one bike along the way that he had to walk next to his bike as he obviously was drained of tiredness, now you can imagine of the comments of our group when when passed along and see the poor biker, they were asking our driver to take the biker with him :-), the driver ofcourse was just laughing...:-)
Aug 26 2011 20:40 GMT hanek
Switzerland land of breathtaking landscapes ( it is probably Pass St. Bernard ??? )
Aug 26 2011 21:40 GMT yvon
looks like a fantastic place
Aug 26 2011 23:16 GMT MargNZ
Stunning scenery but I would need to be on the bus enjoying it !
Wonderful choice for the Friday theme :))
Aug 26 2011 23:55 GMT martini957
Totally amazing view you captured
Aug 27 2011 05:36 GMT Squirrel PRO
GREAT VIEW AND SHOT >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Aug 27 2011 15:57 GMT fotoloekb PRO
Great picture of this Pass-way Malen, do you still know witch pass this was?
I've visit about 7 paaes in Switserland and I'm curious whitch one this is!
Aug 28 2011 03:36 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great view
Aug 28 2011 10:10 GMT jamby PRO
Probably Hanek, sorry I can't remember which pass it was :-(
Aug 28 2011 10:12 GMT jamby PRO
I'm sorry Loek I can't remember any more which pas this was, t be honest now I'm thinking that this was still in Austria...LOL!