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Tags sunset

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Just a few seconds eralier shot than the previous upload..
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Comments on this photo:

Dec 28 2008 21:30 GMT Skykatt
Much better !! ;- )))
Dec 28 2008 21:30 GMT 5DMKII
Beautiful captured !!
Dec 28 2008 21:31 GMT jamby PRO
As usually happen with me..it's tough to choose which of the series to upload...when I check my files again of todays sunsets series..I have found out that I have a much better option for the vertical composition..the one I uploaded previously...I really appreciate your help here Phil! :-)
Dec 28 2008 21:39 GMT Zodyak
Impressive sunset view!
Dec 28 2008 21:40 GMT jamby PRO
Thank you Zodyak! I'll take it as compliment coming from you :-)
Dec 28 2008 21:41 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
This is great! I like that the people are coming up from the corner, bottom right!
Dec 28 2008 21:43 GMT jamby PRO
Thank you Mary :-) it's a pity that I was way too far from the crowds huh? I started taking shots from the pier then decided to go down but I didn't made it closer to the crowds when the sun really goes down...
Dec 28 2008 21:51 GMT losp
Visitors at the pier marvelling at the great
sundown moments .. Excellent capture !
Dec 28 2008 21:53 GMT jamby PRO
Thank you dear Losp....our MASTER of sunrises and sunsets!
Dec 28 2008 22:01 GMT Dorado
Wonderful !
Dec 28 2008 22:16 GMT bennystr
I like it even better!
Dec 28 2008 22:27 GMT jamby PRO
Hi Benny, From 90 shots of the series..I now have 36 shots left...which I think the best ones...I sure hope so...:-)
Dec 28 2008 23:20 GMT SaoPaulo
Hi, Jamby! how about my sunset? hahaha....
Dec 28 2008 23:28 GMT clintonfolks
Dec 29 2008 00:12 GMT MargNZ
I love it Jamby !
Dec 29 2008 01:18 GMT martini957
Dec 29 2008 10:42 GMT Adamus
Wonderful sunset.
Dec 29 2008 11:13 GMT svein
A very nice image too! Classical !
Dec 29 2008 13:51 GMT SIGMUND
Dec 29 2008 18:13 GMT yvon
wow wij zien hem zelden in de zee zakken !
Dec 29 2008 18:16 GMT jamby PRO
ja...ik woon ook ver van de zee...waar woon je zelfs Yvon?
Dec 29 2008 18:38 GMT jamby PRO
ooohhh...je woont dichtbij waar straks mijn zusje gaat wonen...in Hellendoorn :-)
Dec 29 2008 18:51 GMT yvon
prachtige omgeving en een pretpark vlak bij huis!!!
Dec 29 2008 21:05 GMT PictureMaking
Dec 31 2008 00:21 GMT reiner
beautiful series!!! thx si much for your comment and wishes!! all the best in 2009!!!
Jan 06 2009 23:21 GMT jceca PRO
my first impression was the same as mcdonegal's ... but i wouldn't agree with your answer to her ... i like it the way it is, becuse it's different.
i mean, people are usually bigger on this kind of photos .. so you gave it a kind of a personal touch :-)