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A Portrait !!!

(My Wife's Sister Nida)
!Login name: Nidzi at FT)
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Comments on this photo:

Oct 17 2007 21:47 GMT PhotoPro PRO
wonderful portrait!!
Oct 17 2007 22:17 GMT linnywv PRO
GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Oct 17 2007 22:33 GMT dcz
Oct 17 2007 22:35 GMT faenzu
Great portrait!!!
Oct 17 2007 22:43 GMT bennystr
Beautiful portrait!
Oct 18 2007 01:02 GMT peterpinhole
A great one!!
Oct 18 2007 01:29 GMT zafarbhatti
I Need You Sweetheart

Like a dessert needs the water,
Like a flower needs the rain,
My soul is thristy for your love,
My heart screams out your name.

Like a ship needs a sailor,
Like the stars need the sky,
You brighten up my world,
Like the moon lights up the night.

Like a movie star loves fame,
Like a poor man needs money,
I need and long for your love,
For your as sweet as honey.

When the twlight is fading,
And the sky is dark with blue,
Just remember this one thing,
Darlin, I really do need you.

I'm so proud I met you,
Would love to have you by my side,
And I just want you to know,
You really light up my life.
Oct 18 2007 01:31 GMT zafarbhatti
I Love You Because...
You're attentive and romantic
You listen to my interests and worries and you care.

You're kind and thoughtful
and you see the good in others.

You're hardworking and determined
yet you know how to have fun.

You love me
and you're open and honest
about the love we share.

Your smile melts my heart
and your touch can set me on fire

I Love You because...
You're You,
and you mean everything to me!
Oct 18 2007 03:06 GMT bojtorjan
Beautiful portrait!
Oct 18 2007 04:44 GMT junsjazz
love the pose and the mood!
Oct 18 2007 06:07 GMT abhatti PRO
Very moving and lovely poem and equally beautiful portrait to compliment the words by Zafar Bhatti. Nice to see you back after long absence. Welcome
Oct 18 2007 07:24 GMT eleni78 PRO
very good work dear irashid, welldone again!!
Oct 18 2007 10:29 GMT Ahawa
fantastic portrait!!!
Oct 18 2007 10:40 GMT DannyBoy
Beautiful portrait
Oct 18 2007 13:43 GMT Arik77
Gorgeous ! Excellent portrait !
Oct 18 2007 15:02 GMT abojovna PRO
Excelent! Beautiful poetry added by zafarbhatti!
Oct 18 2007 17:45 GMT sini
Wonderful portrait!:)
Oct 18 2007 18:33 GMT sayalio
Work of stunning beauty!
Oct 18 2007 18:38 GMT malo
wonderfull capture
Oct 18 2007 19:35 GMT 32131
Well done! :)
Oct 18 2007 21:36 GMT mariazinha32
a beautiful portrait
Oct 18 2007 21:58 GMT grumpyoldtrout
Stunning portrait of a pensive beautiful woman, Great to see you back on again. :-))
Oct 18 2007 23:51 GMT qamar94
nice potry bhatti sahib keep going
Oct 18 2007 23:51 GMT qamar94
nice potry bhatti sahib keep going
Oct 19 2007 05:05 GMT senna3
Excellent portrait!
Oct 20 2007 04:24 GMT karlbark
Excellent portrait of a beautiful woman! :-)

Best regards,
Karl Trausti from Iceland
Oct 21 2007 09:48 GMT charlotte
love it!!!!!!!!!
Oct 21 2007 18:51 GMT mulhaqdesigner
This is really fantastic Portrait ....

Lovely shot , Irashid.
Oct 22 2007 00:11 GMT REZWANA
so beautiful!love the poem
Oct 27 2007 06:04 GMT d66fce
Lovely portrait!
Oct 28 2007 22:41 GMT Elise
She looks gorgeous!
Nov 09 2007 06:43 GMT corainna
wonderful portrait! and i like her paint hands with henna, i love this indians flowers what lady are painting on theyr hands, it looke so nice and delicate! wonderful!
Jan 19 2008 20:57 GMT zeba
amazing portrait!
Feb 05 2008 23:04 GMT beus PRO
Wonderful portrait!
Feb 03 2011 17:50 GMT malo