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I was foraging for free food again during lunchbreak. Just look at these sweet babies! They were about 8 feet away, through a jungle of viciously thorned bramble. It may as well have been 8 yards of razor-wire......
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 25 2006 21:45 GMT Sketty PRO
Oh bless you, did you stand there like a starving man at a cake shop window?

My advice? Sneak some tarpaulin into work tomorrow, chuck it over the vicious brambles and claim your prize!

(...of course, you have to do all this without your work colleagues realising you are weird)
Aug 25 2006 21:46 GMT stuboy
I was foraging for some free food at Asda the other day but security stopped me at the door & made me pay for it :((((((((((
Aug 25 2006 22:44 GMT Sketty PRO
You could just skewer small berries onto your hair and tell the Nazi security guards that it's decoration and how very dare they accuse you (an upstanding member of the community) of being a no good thief!
Aug 25 2006 22:49 GMT ijbison PRO
Thanks for the advice Sket. God forbid that my colleagues should realise I'm weird!
Actually, there were three of us out there today getting ripped to bits by thorns and hassled by flies, wasps, spiders and earwigs.
See how I draw people into my world of weirdness? Yes, you're beginning to understand....:)
Aug 25 2006 22:51 GMT Sketty PRO
Would one of them not allow you onto their shoulders so's you could pick berries in comfort?

Aug 25 2006 22:56 GMT ijbison PRO
Nah! Didn't even volunteer to lie down and form a human bridge so I could simply stroll across to the mother lode of blackberries.
Whatever happened to team spirit?
Aug 25 2006 23:02 GMT Sketty PRO
Sigh, I dunno but I am disgusted. I expect you to eat ALL the pie or cough over/put your fingers in whatever's left
Aug 25 2006 23:08 GMT JotaBoyJon
Given your mountain biking skills, a head on assault at about 30mph ( im assuming a downhill approach here) straight into the obstruction should propell you into the heart of them there bramble babies, describing a gracefull arc will ensure succses. Go man go ;))))))))))))))
Aug 25 2006 23:19 GMT ijbison PRO
Thanks JBJ. I can see absolutely no flaws in your plan. Nothing could possibly go wrong. The likelihood of any injury is zero.
Aug 26 2006 16:08 GMT supersonic
as a work colleague of mr ijbison I am afraid the secret is out, he is without doubt definately and irrefutably weird. However in his defence I have to say that the working environment is a major conributory factor.