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Comments on this photo:

Aug 22 2007 22:23 GMT Sketty PRO
Goodbye? Wha's that supposed to mean? Donchoo get goin nowhere without the express permission of yer Muse
Aug 22 2007 22:28 GMT JotaBoyJon
Divvent yer dare gan anywheres like, its thee roond at the Alex :))
Aug 22 2007 22:43 GMT stuboy
Explain yourself young man.
Aug 23 2007 00:35 GMT PhotoPro PRO
I need more information..... :-))
Aug 23 2007 02:45 GMT Molly PRO

Frankly, you don't have my permission. :-)
Aug 23 2007 02:51 GMT stuboy
As a member of the F.F.F leaving is not an option.

Now wipe that silly grin off your face & post some pictures.
Aug 23 2007 07:11 GMT mel123uk
Where has everyone got the good bye from, or am I just dense? anyway yer cant go, like Jon said its your round and I'm not missing that
Aug 23 2007 17:33 GMT ijbison PRO
Sorry bout that folks, won't be pulling the plug after all. I'll be back.
Aug 23 2007 17:41 GMT sini
Aug 23 2007 17:42 GMT mel123uk
Oh I just saw the writing on the bloody pic, I am stoooopid. Glad to hear your staying put, and even more pleased I wont go without a drink.
Aug 23 2007 20:05 GMT Molly PRO
Aug 24 2007 16:52 GMT Poulet PRO
I like the word " I'll be back" more than Goodbye!
Aug 25 2007 20:45 GMT wifey
Trying out for the blueman group?