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Taken a few minutes ago. This fine specimen zoomed around the kitchen a few times and landed on a cereal box.
You know I always try to accurately identify and name all the stuff I post here, but moths are tricky. I think this is a Square-spot Rustic (Xestia xanthographa).
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 14 2008 21:32 GMT JackieH
Hi Ian, this looks just like the one that fell off my shopping trolley in the cereal aisle of Tesco yesterday, she's sure getting around. Mmmm I see a connection here, did you get cereal from Tesco this week?? ;-)
Aug 14 2008 21:36 GMT Sparxie
wow great shot, i think that's a Hawk Moth, it sure is fluffly :)) lol JackieH
Aug 14 2008 21:38 GMT ijbison PRO
Nah, Mr la-di-dah Bison only buys cereal from Waitrose (or I do until the Durham store closes for good this weekend).
Aug 14 2008 21:40 GMT ijbison PRO
Thanks Sparxie. I wish it was a Hawk Moth, I'd love for one of those monsters to fly into my kitchen :)
Aug 14 2008 21:42 GMT Sparxie
lol, well I think it could be....or perhaps its not fluffy enough, they tend to look like dust ballls with wings. any who great capture :)
Aug 14 2008 22:15 GMT megmet PRO
I'll swap you the moth for what I've had in my house this week !

First I had a Tarantula in my office the other day, then tonight I had a snake for the second time in two months on my terrace..... I don't like either!!!
Aug 14 2008 22:31 GMT paparazziboy
..You''ve got to dry it and smoke it in your pipe..
Aug 14 2008 23:10 GMT LizSA
great colours...... :)
Aug 15 2008 05:49 GMT sini
Wonderful moth!:)
Aug 15 2008 21:02 GMT Lusofona
great pic!
Aug 18 2008 12:52 GMT jonAt
Nice shot!
Aug 26 2008 06:56 GMT biggles
Is that a Dorset cereals box? If so well done for finding those delicious grains!
Aug 27 2008 17:48 GMT ijbison PRO
Oh yes, I'm fond of me Dorset cereals!