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Okay, so it's not my photo, but a scan of a found image. In the early 20th Century postcards were a craze, the 'Facebook' of their day. At one point time there were six posts per day, making them an easy and fast way to communicate. At seaside resorts, local photographers could quickly prepare a photo of your happy family on holiday to send to friends and loved ones, as in this example.

So what's going on here? From the layers of clothing it looks like they've gone on holiday in January. Dad looks like he's spoiling for a fight, Mam's not far behind, and I believe the child is crying! Yet this is the image they paid to have printed on a card.

Wish you were here?
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 20 2012 23:32 GMT stuboy
Contestants for the Bison gurning competition maybe ?
Aug 21 2012 02:00 GMT ijbison PRO
Aye, maybe, but I saw 'em off. They're all probably dead now. And none of them managed to look as surly / hostile as me. Losers.
Aug 21 2012 04:35 GMT sini
I think they had to wait very long before the phographer was ready to click! You can't keep on smiling for so long!:)
Aug 21 2012 07:34 GMT hans55 PRO
i do think sini is right ..it took a while in those days to take a picture ..thats why the child is crying ?? .... a sign of times !!
Aug 23 2012 22:27 GMT Sketty PRO
The perfect seaside holiday. To be fair, if I had to go on such a shit holiday I'd be crying too....or spoiling for a fight.