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Tiny Bison and Dad. 1972.
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 18 2007 18:48 GMT LizSA
great memories.....so casual photo...:-)
Nov 18 2007 18:52 GMT stuboy
& the hair cut that mums used to love inflicting on small children :)
Nov 18 2007 18:57 GMT TRICKS4U
Great photograph!!!
Nov 18 2007 19:01 GMT sini
Great memory photo!:)
Nov 18 2007 19:10 GMT AlisonBelinda
awww so sweet!
Nov 18 2007 19:13 GMT Sketty PRO
You looked a miserable little sod then too :)

Lovin' yer precision fringe and dads' tab
Nov 18 2007 19:28 GMT Ro73
That's great!
Nov 18 2007 20:08 GMT ijbison PRO
In this pic I'm clearly distressed about my helmet style haircut, while my dad looks a bit smug about his quiff gone wild.
And look - he's making me passive-smoke!
Nov 18 2007 20:14 GMT Sketty PRO
I'm assuming you've seen the criminal haircut I was lumbered with as a child of about the same age?
Nov 18 2007 20:17 GMT mel123uk
Your dad looks like he has just come out of heartbeat
Nov 18 2007 20:52 GMT ijbison PRO
Indeed Sket. It was a time of great suffering for many.
Nov 18 2007 20:58 GMT Sketty PRO
suffering indeed. I spent many an afternoon running away when I learned I was getting the coconut-head haircut resculptured. Of course I didn't get very far; I wasn't allowed to cross the road on my own
Nov 20 2007 21:42 GMT Keitology
Nov 20 2007 23:23 GMT Phoenix PRO
Wow Man, what a cute kid you make and your dad certainly looks like 'Jack the Biscuit!'
Nov 20 2007 23:23 GMT Phoenix PRO
Oh, and my dad has one of those AA badges from his Vauxhall Viva!
Nov 29 2007 21:25 GMT jonAt
the word 'blackmail' springs to mind!
Nov 29 2007 21:28 GMT ijbison PRO