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The February 7 Motorcade-Noise Barrage which was joined by various LGU personnel. The activity which roared the city's commitment and determination to significantly contribute to the non-communicable disease prevention and control efforts of the country.


“Onwards Bayawan Towards A Healthier and Happier Life” is Bayawan City’s theme for this year’s month-long celebration of its 8th Healthy Lifestyle Program anniversary which is happening this month. This theme intends to challenge both constituents and health workers to take more SPECIFIC and ACTIVE steps for health and wellness.

This year’s celebration aims to magnify and highlight 2 important things: 1) the problem on obesity as one of the major risk factors of diabetes mellitus, hypertension, and heart and vascular diseases 2) the combination of 7 healthy lifestyle practices as the way to prevent illnesses and achieve better health which include the following: proper diet and nutrition, regular exercise, smoking cessation, proper stress management, not doing drugs and alcoholic beverages, hypertension prevention, and maintenance of a healthy weight.

Though lifestyle diseases have several other risk factors, the problem on obesity or overnutrition is given more focus in the current celebration because of the alarming weighing and BMI determination results obtained during the mobile lifestyle screening done (in June2011) to the 113 employees of the 14 (50% of the total number of business establishments with more or less 10 personnel) business establishments in the city. The results in such mobile lifestyle screening which drew the city’s attention to the overnutrition problem include:
• An 8-man establishment having only 2 personnel of normal weight ( 3 were overweight, 2 were obese, and 1 was pregnant
• An 8-man establishment having only 1 personnel of normal weight (5 were overweight, 1 was pregnant, another 1 missed the weighing)
• 31% of the 113 business establishment employees were overnourished (24% were overweight and 7 % were obese)

To the city, this is a picture of non-communicable disease mortalities waiting to happen.

For a need-based and meaningful anniversary celebration, the following EIGHT activities are slated:

1. Monday Morning Convocation advocacy
( February 6--------City Gym)

2 .Motorcade-Noise Barrage-
(February 7-------City Proper)

3. “No-Smoking” Sticker-Posting With Fire Dep't Personnel - upon routine inspection of business establishments
( February 7-Barangay Dawis, February 13-Barangay Tabuan, February 14-Sitio Lapay, Dawis)

4. “Weight Loss Challenge Sa Bayawan” Screening Activity -plus BMI determination for walk-in clients
(February 7-10, City Health Office Ground)

5. “Weight Loss Challenge Sa Bayawan” Launching
(February 27- City Gym)

6. “Weight Loss Challenge Sa Bayawan” Competition Proper
(May 27 to May 18)

7. Timbangay Sa Miyerkules: Office Hopping for BP-taking and BMI detrmination activity -to cover all LGU personnel & staff
(February 28 till done)

8.Health Lifestyle Profiling of all walk-in clients
(starting anytime this year)