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the Bayawan City Healthy Lifestyle Society Prime Movers reciting the pledge of commitment as led by DOH Assistant Secretary for Public Health, Dr. Nemesio T. Gako

THE 1ST CITY-WIDE MULTI-SECTORAL HEALTHY LIFESTYLE & WELLNESS SUMMIT which was done on April 6 & 7, 2010 at the Annex Function Hall, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental, Philippines to highlight the World Health Day & World Earth Day celebration with the theme: “
Enhancing Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives: Neighborhood Family Health Care & Wellness Program Through the Years”
This health summit was conceptualized amidst the worsening of global warming problem and the rampant “commercialization” of health care. The primary goal of this activity was to open our people’s eyes of how these two have complicated the existing health problems and to lay out enabling alternatives for adaptive coping. To be specific, such was an exercise of people empowerment towards internal reforms that would bring desired results often described as “reduced health cost-better health outcome”.

Talks that would raise concern for the environment and appreciation of Primary Health Care as a practical health strategy towards affordable, universal and efficient health care system were delivered. All these talks pointed out to the need to go back to the basics which specifically meant “leading a healthy lifestyle”, a lifestyle which would maintain balance not only within the human health systems, but also in the entire ecosystem. Topics delivered include the following:

The Dynamics of Pollution & Environmental Degradation by Mr. Allan Dinampo, PICAPI Vice-President (Pollution Control Association of the Philippines, Inc.), Central Visayas

The Significance Of Healthy Streets by Mr. Roland Ramos, District Head, Land Transportation Office, Dumaguete City

The Significance Of PD 856 (Sanitation Code of the Philippines) by Vivencio B. Ediza, Engineer III, DOH Center for Health Development, Central Visayas

UPDATES: Tobacco Regulation by Atty. Josefina Buena seda, Chief Legal Consultant, FCAP (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance, Philippines)

Sustainable Work Life Ecosystem Balance by Fidencio G. Aurelia, M.D., M.H.A., Consultant, Healthy City Promotion, Development & Wellness Program, Bayawan City

Character First!: Wellness Behind the Twelve Little Things by Mr. Ritchie Mortillero, member Character First! Program Technical Working Group, Bayawan City

Community-Based Healthy Lifestyle Maintenance Program by Mr. Johnny Khong Hun, President,Salinas Foods, Inc.

The Significance of Neighborhood Family Health Care & Wellness Program by Fidencio L. Aurelia,M.D.,
CREATE Health: 4 H Club (Bayawan City) Best Practices by Mrs. Reesa Y. Toledo, Youth Development Officer I, 4 H Club, Bayawan City

Not less than 450 participants came and participated. These participants include the officers and members of the Rotary Club Of Tolong, the civic group that set the city in a working mode for some healthy city and healthy barangay initiatives; the Bayawan Ibayaw Jaycees, another prominent group that has been regularly involved in the city’s nutrition program initiatives; the DEPED family, the youth sector,; the Senior Citizens Association officers and members; the Women’s Association (KALIPI, Kalipunan Ng Mga Liping Pilipina); Farmer’s Association; Mother’s Association, Walking Blood Donors; transportation groups; differently able persons, focal persons and awardees under the city’s Healthy Places Initiatives; church leaders, and health workers.

Aside from the talks and teachings given by resource speakers, learning was fortified and made more enriching by the messages given by Dr. Susana K. Madarieta, Center for Health Development, Central Visayas Regional Director, and Dr. Nemesio T. Gako, Assistant Secretary for Public Health. The presence of a team to do weighing, BP-taking, Blood Sugar Testing and oral exam also provided an opportunity for participants to execute, experience and cultivate health-seeking behaviors crucial for health maintenance. Teachings on rest, relaxation & stress management were also well emphasized in this event through the inclusion of the mass exercise, and the spa & massage to be performed as group activities and the magic performed as an intermission number.

In general, the event has not only raised consciousness on matters that have impact on one’s health, but also generated a group called “ Bayawan City Healthy Lifestyle Society Prime Movers”, a body envisioned to get things done as the city continues to advance its Healthy Lifestyle Program for optimum wellness amidst challenging environment.

Thanks to all those who, in one way or the other, made themselves (with their talents and resources) available in the interest of increasing enabling opportunities for people to have better health in their own hands.

Comments on this photo:

Oct 20 2011 02:44 GMT hepbaya1
This space may be mainly intended for viewers who wish to share their thoughts and insights about the above subject; but may I, as program coordinator of REDCOP, Healthy Lifestyle Program, and Health Promotion Program, use this as well, to bring our advocacy to full circle by sharing OPPORTUNITIES FOR SPONSORSHIP. The initiatives above are all meaningless unless sustained and maybe, expanded. Sustainability and expansion are quite a challenge to us, now that the city's IRA (Internal Revenue Allotment),a funding from the national government for various local projects, will be decreased by about 90 Million starting 2012.I find it imperative then, to also source out some needed supplies and equipment, rather than just make do of what may be given to us which most likely would lead to diminished service delivery. While 7 out of ten deaths in my place-and for sure in many parts of the country and the world as well- are caused by lifestyle diseases, may I knock on your kind heart and share us some supplies and equipment, as we are determined to continue and advance the programs and projects that will address these health problems which we just can't close our eyes upon.

People we so know- loved ones, colleagues, neighbors die just like that because of hypertensive stroke. In Bayawan City, not less than 20 people die every year due to stroke/ hypertension, way too high compared to the number of death caused by any dreaded disease in the city; note that dengue, H1N1,diarrhea often have zero mortality per year). In thinking about how to stop this, one would have to wonder what causes the bloating of lifestyle diseases and mortalities associated with it ; still, local data are unavailable. The city right now, on this particular issue, just practically rides on research results produced by WHO (World Health Organization) and it is a relief that WHO has published about the 3 major risks factors predisposing individuals to lifestyle diseases like hypertension and diabetes. These factors include physical inactivity, smoking, and high cholesterol intake.With these WHO data, the health problem then is so definitely identified and it is just fitting to pursue definite courses of actions;and so, capitalizing on these research results, lifestyle disease prevention has been actively pursued in the city in the past 7 years. Massive IECs on exercise, smoking and proper diet, and integration of fitness program into the constituency's daily routine ( thanks to Civil Service Commission Secretary Francisco Duque, III, former DOH Secretary who worked for the integration of Fitness Program For Employees into the Civil Service Commission Programs which made it possible for us to create a norm for fitness in the city) are the actions taken to particularly address the above risk factors. Specific accomplishments (task-based) in this area include:

-daily HATAW activity for employees and general constituency (trend:number of attendees is significantly increasing; our next step: integration of same fitness program in every private company, including the institutionalization of basic health check like BP-Taking, hemogluco test etc. within the office, action planning by private companies within the city will be initiated soon, God willing which will be followed with BP-taking, blood sugar testing training-this is being dreamed of, since, despite having good medical insurances,many employees of private companies, especially high-ranking personnel were shocked of their elevated blood sugar levels and BP readings in the past REDCOP screening activities)
-distribution of DVDs/CDs of exercise instructional materials (Zumba & Hip Hop Abs so far; distributed not less than 200 copies)
-fabrication of giant IEC material on smoking & Healthy Lifestyle (mounted at strategic sites); 2 pcs in 2011, 1pc in 2010
-distribution of "WELCOME TO OUR NO SMOKING HOME" stickers (500 pcs.) and FCAP/Bloomberg "NO SMOKING" stickers ( not less than 700 pcs.); and this is increasing with the new coordinative efforts with Bayawan City Fire Department wherein NO SMOKING stickers are posted as part of their establishment inspection routine.
-holding of Healthy Lifestyle &Wellness Summit & health classes
-IEC on Smoking with all "Rice Subsidy Program" beneficiaries (not less than 3, 402 participants in small batches)
- Distribution of brochures on smoking, exercise, and stress management during strategic activities: smoking= 1,750 pcs., exercise=750 pcs., stress management= 500 pcs.since February 2011 and all these are still increasing
By looking at the things that we do,perhaps people with listening and kind hearts could now picture out the things that we need as we continue to bring into fulfillment the thing that we all cry out " Health For All", "Health In The Hands Of The People".

Believing that education changes the mind, make the heart submit and propels one to action, please help us sustain the education we are giving to clients. As of now these are the equipment/things which we need; please share a little:

1. DVD recordable, 16 x - 300 pcs. per year
2. Laptop - 2 units
3. LCD Projector- 2 units (with portable screen if possible)
4. T-shirts ( any color without print)= 200 pcs./year
5.Educational films (anti -smoking, healthy lifestyle)

...and other things which you deem useful in this endeavor.

Note: Quantity is unimportant. Please feel free to share what you can to save lives.

Please send supplies/vehicle to:

Sheenybel T. Luntao
Health Education & Promotions Section
City Health Office-LGU Bayawan City
6221 Bayawan City
Negros Oriental, Philippines