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Out of water folks !!!..End of the bath !!
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Comments on this photo:

May 30 2006 00:39 GMT losp

Ducks in circus display/march + great capture !!!!!! .. If they were in the public park here, they would be captured by the refugees or illegal immigrants and be put on the dining tabble as fried/roasted/steam mea t!.. :o) :o) lol lol ..
May 30 2006 00:42 GMT helton
You are terrible Losp !!!!Don't say that man !! these little poor ducks are so organized ...how you can see !!!! realy only you Losp !!!!Thanks my friend once more for comments !!!!!
May 30 2006 01:00 GMT losp

helton .. It's true and no joking .. Our best Likas Park here has no ducks, no swans to grace the lake waters !!! .. Even strayed dogs and those on the loose are not spared .. fish bombing (sea and rivers) is another big problem here .. Wrongs and sins against HIS nature were aplenty and now very tough legislations against such acts of violators and law breakers .. ..
May 30 2006 02:20 GMT helton
Then excuse me Losp!! Sincerely I thought that it just went a joke!!! you know what ...should have more Losps in the world... he would be happier!!!
May 30 2006 09:38 GMT beady
great capture, nice composition.
May 30 2006 14:25 GMT indiana
May 30 2006 14:32 GMT goolgogga
nice shot
May 30 2006 15:28 GMT Zodyak
on way going back home, that's nice photo!
May 30 2006 16:13 GMT helton
Hi Beady !!Great pleasure have your comment !!!An excellent day to you !!!!
May 30 2006 16:14 GMT helton
Hi Indiana !! Have been a big gladness receive your kind words !!!Good Tuesday !!!
May 30 2006 16:16 GMT helton
Yes Zodyak !! This team had a good time on water !!he he he !!Great tuesday to you my friend !!!
May 30 2006 16:16 GMT helton
Thank you once more Goolgogga !!!Great pleasure have your kind comment !!!big hug my friend !!!
May 30 2006 17:27 GMT hbla PRO
such nicely organized ducks!
(and funny banter, lol)
great photo :)
May 30 2006 21:32 GMT helton
Hi Hbla !!Thank you for your kind & cheerful comments !! it is an enormous pleasure to receive your words !!!An excellent day to you !!
Jun 01 2006 00:28 GMT ahmetturker
Beautiful capture.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 01 2006 00:34 GMT helton
thank you again for the kind words Ahmetturker !!! is a great honor receive your comment !!Big hug my friend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 01 2006 23:37 GMT Glo
lovely capture :)
Jun 01 2006 23:39 GMT helton
Thank you so much Glo !!Big hug my friend !!!!
Jun 09 2006 20:34 GMT florist
aaaaaaaaaaaaaa very nice
Jun 09 2006 21:24 GMT helton
thanks florist !!Good day my friend !!
Jun 09 2006 21:25 GMT helton
thanks florist !!Good day my friend !!
Dec 03 2006 08:58 GMT SpecialHeart69
Que momento incrível vc conseguiu!
Dec 11 2006 00:49 GMT Kire403
yes.. we're done and we are fresh and sexy again... hahahah