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just one of those pics, the personality of my feline roommate captured, lol. she's going on six years old but sometimes I'll look out a window and see her romping around the yard like a kitten. she's like me, can keep herself entertained for days :)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 13 2005 05:54 GMT Misato12k
your cat is so cute!! what is her name? :)
Aug 13 2005 07:33 GMT hbla PRO
PeeWee :)
Aug 13 2005 08:55 GMT Pinklaine
What a lovely cat!!! and soooo huggable!!! very smart walk..looks like she knows you're taking a photo of her!!:>
Aug 28 2005 20:38 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Cute! Hope she caught what she was after.
Aug 30 2005 03:09 GMT hbla PRO
thank you, I love this pic, lol... and yes she pretty much always gets what she's after...and often drags it into the house.

May 01 2006 02:11 GMT Milibuh
Oh PeeWee you are lucky...
Jun 14 2007 06:07 GMT justcallmeshuga
hiiiiiiiiiiiii Heather! :) it's Jess from OD! cute kitty :) if you look at my past entries (on od) from a few days ago you can find some of my photos, Ive been a pic taken fool lately! I'm soo gonna start here though, how fun :)
Jun 14 2007 14:29 GMT hbla PRO
adding you to my friends immediately!!
gotta get my @ss off to work now but I'll come check ya out!
cooool!! this place is really a blast :)