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she's okay tho!
(see previous upload)
AND she got her driftwood :)

Hoh River expedition
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 19 2007 17:24 GMT bennystr
I'm glad she's okay!
The driftwood looks like a mammoth bone, it seems like Londi is coming back from a successful hunt... :-)
Aug 19 2007 17:29 GMT hbla PRO
Aug 19 2007 17:56 GMT ldhill62
hardwork rewarded :))
Aug 20 2007 03:43 GMT paparazziboy
hahaha bennystr is funny, i see the same though
Aug 20 2007 04:05 GMT Londi PRO
Great photo Heather! It does resemble a "hunt"... and no zanzess....we got a little more ;=}

Not any other pieces as large as this, but we did good!
Aug 20 2007 04:16 GMT hbla PRO
it was exactly that paparazzi..a photo and driftwood hunt and we made a kick ass haul!
Aug 20 2007 04:18 GMT hbla PRO
I sent him photos Londi...waiting for him to wake up and tell me what he thinks :)
Aug 20 2007 08:04 GMT sayalio
Boss is like a Boss!!! :-)))))
Aug 20 2007 09:28 GMT paparazziboy
Oh my Gott's you GirlZ are amazing nowadays, does it have something to do with Global warming, or that non fixed hole in the Ozone layers?
Aug 20 2007 18:33 GMT mbz
Aug 20 2007 18:34 GMT hbla PRO
I dunno paparazzi, there's definitely something in the air lol
Aug 20 2007 18:55 GMT paparazziboy
it must be something in the air tonight
Aug 20 2007 19:34 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...it DOES look like huge bone...great shot heather:-))
Aug 27 2007 03:12 GMT Lucky222
It will take years to get that big tree one little piece like this at a time...LOL..