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it's such a nice evening tonight,
I thought I'd stand on my picnic table and take photos of my feet :)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 12 2007 02:19 GMT paraemanitapolis
great frame
Sep 12 2007 02:36 GMT hbla PRO
thank you!
Sep 12 2007 02:44 GMT LisaSam67
it's still tuesday in our side of the states..... tag it tuesdaytoes
hurry quick hahahahaha
Sep 12 2007 02:51 GMT hbla PRO
oo oo oooooo!!
thanks Lisa!
how funny, I'm jiving for once lol.
Sep 12 2007 02:51 GMT LisaSam67
Sep 12 2007 03:27 GMT TRICKS4U
I wonder if your neighbors wonder about you?

*shakes table*
Sep 12 2007 03:30 GMT hbla PRO
eegads I know they do!
I try to keep my windows closed as much as possible!
Sep 12 2007 03:37 GMT hbla PRO
eeeeeeks stop it Patricks you BRAT!
seriously, I thought I was going to fall thru!
time to get another table? or quit standing on it?
Sep 12 2007 03:54 GMT Sweetoes PRO
YAY! Tuesday toessssss!! Oops I forgot to do mine...dang and the chocolate ding dong looked so cool all squishy too...lol:-))
Sep 12 2007 04:30 GMT Lucky222
Cool shot looks like you are dancing on the ceiling...
Sep 12 2007 05:35 GMT Londi PRO
Glad to see you had your pants on at least ;=} Whew.... sometimes you make me a little nervous.... smile...
(laughing at trix shaking the table!)
Sep 12 2007 07:30 GMT ldhill62
nice :))
Sep 12 2007 10:27 GMT bennystr
Nice toes :-)
Sep 12 2007 11:36 GMT JPHarr
Sorry to see you have your pants on. Let's put a little more effort into it next time, m'kay?
Sep 12 2007 12:20 GMT sayalio
What a sweet desert! :-))
Sep 12 2007 22:33 GMT Studio88
Self Toe Portrait!!! LOL
Sep 12 2007 22:44 GMT curves PRO
Gotta be the sexiest feet on FT, even with the bunions
Sep 13 2007 02:44 GMT hbla PRO
hey Londi and JP!
I 100% of the time have my pants on when I go outside!
right? isn't that right? yeah that's right! so far!
yeah that Tricks...I think he just wanted a photo of me falling off my picnic table the brat lol.
Sep 13 2007 02:46 GMT hbla PRO
aw MAN! curves I was SURE these shoes hid the bunions!
well I'm glad you like them anyway, thanks :)
Sep 13 2007 03:42 GMT paparazziboy
Great View!
Sep 13 2007 03:45 GMT hbla PRO
it is, isn't it?? I love my yard :)
Sep 13 2007 21:44 GMT curves PRO
I'm telling you only the truth, I've felt that way about your feet ever since you got that sixth TOE removed......
Sep 13 2007 22:48 GMT paparazziboy
..So for the first time you are in denial about your shoes?,.. I don't believe my ears!, we have to consult Dr phil about this Heather!, this can be very seriousy wrong Girl, you are in denial about your shoes!, or are you fishing for compliments about them?,..Oh my Gott's!~, becarefull!
Sep 14 2007 11:45 GMT hbla PRO
all right Dr Phil, where's paparazziboy and what did you do with him????!!
Sep 15 2007 03:31 GMT Londi PRO
OHMYGOSH LMaOOO!! I can't believe the bunnion talk and 6th toe talk!
What we have here...according to Dr. Londi: an attention deprived closet table dancer with a shoe fetish, and, what could be wrong with that? A wobbly table!
Listen to Paparazzi now!!
Sep 15 2007 04:17 GMT hbla PRO
y'all are channelling Dr Phil and scaring the shit outta me!!

okay okay, I admit the thing about the shoes.

well okay okay, I do dance on tables.

AND okay okay, I do it to get attention!

*where's my mommy*


Sep 15 2007 09:48 GMT nikoteen
you rock babe! hope you're well. love!! \m/
Sep 15 2007 17:07 GMT hbla PRO
hey nikoteen!
Sep 16 2007 22:56 GMT Todd
These feet are made for walking lol, good picture -)