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still rooting around in 2004, lol,
shot #195 with my brand new Canon Rebel 300D!!
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 03 2008 14:42 GMT hbla PRO
oh yeah, Lake Crescent :)
Jan 03 2008 14:52 GMT ldhill62
great shot :))
Jan 03 2008 14:59 GMT bennystr
Beautiful transparency!
Jan 03 2008 15:04 GMT hbla PRO
thanks ldhill :)
Jan 03 2008 15:05 GMT hbla PRO
thanks benny...I'm too lazy to go back and look at the date but it must have been early Spring, before everyone jumps in and stirs it all up LOL.
Jan 03 2008 15:13 GMT JPHarr
This looks a lot different than the river running through our city, brown and green, full of silt and chemical runoff. Your image actually reminds me of the beautiful waters of Lake Superior, clean enough to drink. Well, maybe not, but I have anyway.
Jan 03 2008 15:20 GMT sayalio
Brilliant shot, Heather! I like it!
Jan 03 2008 15:21 GMT hbla PRO
I'm not so sure about this water but I've had some at least once jumping off the Devils Punch Bowl ;)
Jan 03 2008 15:29 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Wow! Beautiful Heather:-))
Jan 03 2008 15:34 GMT JPHarr
Did you get to drink it, or was it forced into your bathing suit? I hate those bathing suit wedgies and water enemas. Reminds me of water-skiing mishaps! =(
Jan 03 2008 15:37 GMT hbla PRO
all of the above PLUS some thru the nose ;)
Jan 03 2008 16:22 GMT henrybohawk
crystalline "WATTA"

Jan 03 2008 19:12 GMT Midworlder PRO
I agree beautiful photo .. keep hunting through the archives
Jan 03 2008 23:07 GMT mariazinha32
Jan 04 2008 01:43 GMT jenylew
This is beautiful!
Jan 04 2008 02:33 GMT Londi PRO
Oh my god, I laughed like crazy at JP's comment! Water enemas!!! ha ha ha!! I'm sure if YOU jumped off the punch bowl, you've had a COLD one.....even worse... now I wouldn't even try that jump and I find it hard to believe YOU did!!
Jan 04 2008 03:38 GMT hbla PRO
you better believe I did! first and LAST time it'll happen and I have witnesses!
I jumped only from half way but I did it !
last thing I remember is seeing what water coming at me and thinking is *oh shit*, next thing I remember is Paul Scott dragging me into the boat and feeling like I'd just had a sinus enema and wondering if there was such a thing as nose to mouth.
did I say that was the LAST time? ;)
Jan 09 2008 16:03 GMT JasminsArt
Brillant light!
Jan 12 2008 02:04 GMT lexxa
The beautiful but dangerous punch bowl! It has claimed many victims