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a handheld zoom shot by me!

pelicans :)

Hoh River expedition
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 25 2007 04:14 GMT Rickncalif
wow...........a steady Heather hand........impressive GRIN
Aug 25 2007 04:19 GMT hbla PRO
a historical thing Rick!!!

thank you :)
Aug 25 2007 04:49 GMT Rickncalif
no no!!!..........just drink coffee and huuuuummmmmmm softly.......STEADY!! lol
Aug 25 2007 05:36 GMT Sweetoes PRO
YAY for Heather! Good job my friend:-))
Aug 25 2007 08:02 GMT Midworlder PRO
You mean there is another way other than handheld ???? :-)))))
Aug 25 2007 11:41 GMT losp
Excellent hand-held zoom shot of these beautiful birds at a tiny
sandbank, probably looking for tiny fish .. Superb composition !!!
Aug 25 2007 15:28 GMT bennystr
Excellent capture, well done!
Aug 25 2007 16:54 GMT hbla PRO
there's tripod-held Midworlder!! ;)
maybe I meant free-hand here...
I dunno, I just know I'm NOT so good at zoom shots without a tripod or at least monopod, which I brought on this trip but I couldn't unscrew the blasted tripod attachment from my camera and couldn't use it THUS about 100'ish blurry zoom shots :)
Aug 25 2007 17:32 GMT Midworlder PRO
Yeah .. I knew what you meant .. I was having a dig at myself ( you know ... give yourself an uppercut Roger) I keep meaning to get a tripod .. but never get around to it .. now my trip is six months away and coming into better light with spring soon .. I keep saying maybe I should wait to this time next year when I get back !!
Aug 26 2007 02:49 GMT Londi PRO
Like the tag ;+)
Aug 26 2007 04:19 GMT hbla PRO
I knew you'd get it heehee :)
Aug 26 2007 06:41 GMT MissKelly
very nice shot
i hate pelicans but you made them look good
thats talent!
Aug 26 2007 07:32 GMT sayalio
This is my next time I see Pelicans, first was at south shore of Caspian Sea, near Iran. :-)
Aug 26 2007 17:46 GMT juanse
cool foto...
Aug 26 2007 18:15 GMT hbla PRO
thanks MissK!

(I'm dying to know why you hate pelicans? lol)
Aug 26 2007 18:47 GMT will
gorgeous shot, nothing like that coastline..)
Aug 28 2007 19:00 GMT Todd
When did the desert in Las Vegas flood over?? LOL Nice picture, I love ocean scenes.
Aug 31 2007 03:16 GMT hbla PRO
okay Todd, here's the story...we took a serious road trip that needed 4wheel drive BUT the rig had absoultely NO music, nothing nada, no radio not even 8 track!!
so when we were desperate we had to sing. Londi sang ABBA (heehee) and when we went thru Beaver Washington I bursted into song and made up "Beavaaaaah Las Vegas" sung to the tune of Elvis's "Viva Las Vegas" :))