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Tags its taco time


fiesta ware...heatherized ;)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 06 2007 02:45 GMT m2yu
muahahaha!~ time for a fiesta!~ =P
nice colors~!! xD
Aug 06 2007 02:48 GMT hbla PRO
always time for a celebration!!

Aug 06 2007 03:27 GMT Lucky222
Well this is a nice start with this ohhh so colorful plates...
What are cooking up ?
Fish tacos?
Chicken, beef, potatos, beans, pork???
Making homemade tacos can be so much fun.
take some pictures of your creation....
Aug 06 2007 03:41 GMT pp11364
Aug 06 2007 04:09 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Mmmmm...tacos..great now I'm hungry Heather...look what you did..lol...pretty colors:-))
Aug 06 2007 05:32 GMT sayalio
Aug 06 2007 05:44 GMT Londi PRO
I like this "Heatherized" as you put it :) Very interesting!
Aug 06 2007 07:38 GMT ldhill62
good one :))
Aug 06 2007 13:06 GMT Petra17
Already then..nice plates and I don't mean to be rude...but where are the tacos???
Aug 06 2007 13:52 GMT hbla PRO
all of the above Lucky!
or I wish. I love fish tacos!!!

here's what we did have, blackened salmon ...last Saturday and yummmmmmm!


(lucky for everyone Londi was doing the cooking ;)
Aug 06 2007 13:55 GMT hbla PRO
hahaaaa! what FUN making Shari hungry for once!! check out the above link for a real tease :))
Aug 06 2007 14:06 GMT hbla PRO
heehee, no worry Petra :) it's an ongoing joke between Londi and I. we went to lunch at Taco Time a while back and they served us on fiesta ware and me figuring Taco Time would use 'throwaway ware', threw away my plate when we were done :)
well Londi sees me do this and hollars out DID YOU JUST THROW AWAY YOUR PLATE???!!!
right there in plain sight of every single employee! I kinda went 'yeah' ...looked around, thought for a sec, decided I was NOT sticking my arm in that garbage bin and yelled RUN!
and I ran :)
from that day forward, Londi only lets me around HER fiesta ware under supervision lol.
Aug 06 2007 16:06 GMT JPHarr
A restaurant called Taco Time uses real Fiestaware for self-serve lunches? I think you could get more food for your money at a different place; they're spending patrons' money on Fiestaware replacement!

We have fakes from Pier 1 and then some real ones, in pink, mixed in. I should serve salmon on the pink ones.
Aug 06 2007 16:21 GMT jenylew
Aug 06 2007 16:36 GMT Sweetoes PRO
AHHHHHH! no I can't look...I have to pack and now all I want to do is EAT...thanks alot Heather...lol:-)))
Aug 07 2007 02:05 GMT Studio88
Nice Colorful Fiesta!!!
Aug 07 2007 04:57 GMT flamesmystery
nice plates cool colors
Aug 10 2007 00:45 GMT Ichthus1968
yours are sooo nice, not a chip to be seen. i went back to a search for corell.... i thew on the floor and said to my kids... "see no break, no chip" But now i just have boring white flat dishes ... :)
Aug 10 2007 11:58 GMT hbla PRO
I WISH they were my plates...but same as you, they'd be all chipped up. I think I have the same stuff as you or something you can't break or chip.
Aug 14 2007 13:59 GMT choices
Love this abstract!!!