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in the mood to share an old doodle :)
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 01 2007 02:53 GMT paparazziboy
Magnificent work of @RT!
Aug 01 2007 03:00 GMT hbla PRO
I'm so glad you saw this paparazzi!
your opinion means tons to me :)
Aug 01 2007 03:05 GMT paparazziboy
..I had to log in when I saw this brilliant work of yours, It's 0500 hrs in the morning here, cannot sleep.
Aug 01 2007 03:13 GMT flamesmystery
wow who made the drawing its so good
Aug 01 2007 03:14 GMT hbla PRO
I made you login? wooHOO!

you really are the bestest :)
Aug 01 2007 03:16 GMT hbla PRO
yours truly flamesmystery, thank you so much!
Aug 01 2007 04:43 GMT Lucky222
This is great Heather..
Aug 01 2007 04:52 GMT Midworlder PRO
That is a a very tall bird :-)))) nice talent you have
Aug 01 2007 05:08 GMT Wildspirit PRO
Great doodling, Heather!!
Aug 01 2007 09:21 GMT rock
Aug 01 2007 09:53 GMT ldhill62
multi talented :))
Aug 01 2007 13:44 GMT hbla PRO
thanks HQN :)
Aug 01 2007 13:46 GMT hbla PRO
thank you Lucky! drawn many many years ago, lol.
Aug 01 2007 13:49 GMT hbla PRO
he's a tall I-Don't-Know what...doodle bird?
drawn from my head, I'm only good at getting real life with my camera.
tnx Midworlder :)
Aug 01 2007 13:50 GMT hbla PRO
thanks rock!
Aug 01 2007 13:51 GMT hbla PRO
and Wildspirit!
(woops I'm trying to be orderly here lol)
I think I'll just pay you a visit :)
Aug 01 2007 13:52 GMT hbla PRO
thanks Idhill....I used to be :)
Aug 01 2007 13:53 GMT hbla PRO
a great compliment, coming from the multi artist himself (:
Aug 01 2007 14:04 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Wow very cool artsy stuff Heather:-))
Aug 01 2007 14:16 GMT hbla PRO
thanks Shari!
'artsy fartsy' to quote a certain JPHarr, lol.
good morning!
Aug 01 2007 14:17 GMT Poulet PRO
Beautiful drawing!! :))
Aug 01 2007 14:27 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Good Morning Heather! It's SUCH a wonderful day! YAY! Hope you have a great one my friend:-))))
Aug 01 2007 14:31 GMT hbla PRO
it IS! we have blue sky so it'll be a great day...even if I do have to go to work....about 5 minutes ago (hee)
Aug 01 2007 14:35 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe Heather...you better hurry..I'm supposed to pack...yesterday..lol...who cares?? Life is beautiful and the sky is blue....the grass is green and the sun is out...so all is well...go to work...hehe..I'm gonna PLAY! YAY!
Aug 01 2007 15:18 GMT TRICKS4U
Very talented work here Heather, you suprise me in so many good ways!!!!!
Aug 01 2007 15:41 GMT jenylew
This is beautiful, Heather! You are most talented, my friend!
What a fun idea - I used to sketch many moons ago...sadly haven't had time for so long...did do one for my husband many years ago, should find it and scan it! Maybe someday...:-)
Aug 02 2007 03:09 GMT iyerhari
great arwork...
Aug 02 2007 04:41 GMT Londi PRO
Awww... this is sooo good Heather... but, I am not surprised, I know you have talent :)))) It runs in your family... pretty neat!
Aug 02 2007 06:06 GMT sayalio
Perfect symbol of proud Bird, well done, dear Artist! :-)
Aug 02 2007 12:25 GMT Sweetoes PRO
So did you get up at 2 am?
Aug 02 2007 21:39 GMT bennystr
Beautifully done!
Aug 03 2007 02:26 GMT wifey
Superb drawing… great detais of a fine delicate nature.
Aug 03 2007 02:33 GMT hbla PRO
well I actually slept in Sweetoes! until 4am!
I think I have insomnia...in fact I'm sure of it, lol.
Aug 03 2007 02:34 GMT hbla PRO
thank you benny, I'm so glad you saw this :)
Aug 03 2007 02:37 GMT hbla PRO
thanks wifey :) what a fine compliment and very inspiring.

ALL compliments on this upload are very inspiring, thank you all so much!!!!!!!!
Aug 03 2007 02:38 GMT hbla PRO
and jenylew YEAH get scanning, I'd love to see!!!
Aug 04 2007 00:14 GMT Todd
That is real good Heather, you ought to try to paint some of your photos, you can prob do it well.
Aug 04 2007 13:38 GMT sarahrose
This is great heather:)
May 24 2008 08:57 GMT hbla PRO
thank you!
a fine compliment from an artist I admire :)