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45 and proud of it!

well okay, AND I'm a damn fine photoshop artist as well, heehee :)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 17 2007 03:25 GMT Rickncalif
youngster!!....GRIN ;o)
Jul 17 2007 03:28 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Beautiful Heather....VERY beautiful!
Jul 17 2007 03:32 GMT hbla PRO
not by very far Mister!
I can't believe I'm arguing abut it lol
I'm a young puppy!!!
Jul 17 2007 03:36 GMT hbla PRO
hey thank you my sweet toes friend!
and it's kinda late...you have nursie watching over you don't you???
Jul 17 2007 03:39 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yup she's here..but she's asleep..Sssssshhhh...lol:-)))))
Jul 17 2007 03:41 GMT hbla PRO
Sweetoes you are a BOOGER!
I think you are supposed to be asleep!
(giggling my ass off)
Jul 17 2007 03:52 GMT will
what is she thinking..hmmm..only she knows.
Jul 17 2007 04:02 GMT hbla PRO
thank you HQN :)
Jul 17 2007 05:57 GMT Midworlder PRO
Same age .. but life treated your face a bit better than mine :-)))) But you also had a better starting place I think :-))
Jul 17 2007 10:05 GMT ldhill62
me too...it's good being happy with life ; )
Jul 17 2007 12:55 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Ssssshhhh..but I WAS asleep...lol:-))))
Jul 17 2007 13:17 GMT sayalio
You are so creative, dear Heather!
Jul 17 2007 13:38 GMT jenylew
Photoshop shmotoshop - naturally lovely!
(Just wondering...is it your birthday today?)
Jul 17 2007 20:27 GMT sarahrose
Hi Heather! Great shot of you! Yeppers Sweetoes is a BOOGER!
Jul 17 2007 21:46 GMT Todd
You are very beautiful Heather my friend, nice picture of yourself.
Jul 18 2007 02:10 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I AM NOT. Hi Heather!
Jul 18 2007 06:52 GMT TRICKS4U
45 never looked so good..........

Depends are far away.......
Jul 18 2007 13:44 GMT hbla PRO
thank you jenylew!
nah, it's not my birthday....tho I do accept gifts year round!
I was having a hugely bad hair day so had to find a pic of a GOOD hair day to make me feel better. AND do compliment fishing heehee ;)
Jul 18 2007 13:48 GMT hbla PRO
thanks Midworlder...I'm hoping I can be like my mom and grandma, they both look younger then their age.
Jul 18 2007 13:53 GMT hbla PRO
thank you Sarah!

hahaha, I see you got Sweetoes off to bed?
*imaging Sara chasing Shari with a butterfly net*
Jul 18 2007 13:54 GMT hbla PRO
thank you sayalio :)
I don't know what it is but it's so enjoyable photoshopping myself lol.
Jul 18 2007 13:56 GMT hbla PRO
I hope I'm ...somewhere else before that time comes Trix!

thanks :)
Jul 19 2007 02:55 GMT Londi PRO
hee hee!!! Tricks is Funneeee!!! Know what a 90 year old lady smells like???

DEpends :+)
A couple of old hen's we are ... need an osteobypass... You don't look your age, you lucky devil.... heck with photoshop....who needs it? not you!
Jul 19 2007 03:04 GMT hbla PRO
ewwwwwww! you are a depth of ....I don't know what you call those, smelly references? lmao!

we're only as old as we feel you know and as you know, most of the time we feel like a couple of 'pastic w....er, teenagers :)(hee)
Jul 23 2007 23:04 GMT LisaSam67
LOL gotta love photoshop!!! I do that too with it! hahaha

great shot though.. great eyes hun!
Jul 25 2007 14:31 GMT hbla PRO
heehee, Lisa it's sometimes as fun as makeup...maybe funner lol

thank you :)
Aug 05 2007 17:30 GMT juanse
you look like steffi graf. wow...but you are much more gorgeous!!!
Aug 05 2007 17:38 GMT hbla PRO
heehee, thanks, a nice compliment juanse :)