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anyone seen my lawnmower???

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 30 2007 03:01 GMT Londi PRO
hee hee... it's hiding!!! It knows you're going to give it a workout... or are you????

Ahem... one word....self propelled...wait, that's two...
Jul 30 2007 03:21 GMT hbla PRO
yard work has to have an exercise factor in it for me or I will NOT do it because I HATE it!! get myself a riding lawnmower? I won't do it...2 hours riding around for nothing except wasting gas?
fagettit!!! :)
Jul 30 2007 03:22 GMT hbla PRO
heehee, well okay I'm hiding :)
Jul 30 2007 03:31 GMT TRICKS4U
OMG!!!! that was mine today too!

Dang, I thought it was my yard when I glanced at it.........lol

Unfortunately I found mine and it took down all my dandelions....hahahaha.

Cool shot...I enjoyed this one alot.
Jul 30 2007 14:09 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...looks like my yard:-))))
Jul 30 2007 15:07 GMT JPHarr
You have a seriously cool yard. I'd trade you my regular old lawn grass for all your cool flowers!
Jul 30 2007 17:11 GMT sayalio
Nice, we have Murray (or something) with Briggs&Straton engine, USA! :-)
Jul 30 2007 21:48 GMT bennystr
Great camouflage...:-)
Jul 31 2007 02:00 GMT jenylew
Tee hee...cute shot!
Jul 31 2007 16:57 GMT maguzz
don't be cruel to the flowers .... pleeeeaassseee ... ;-)))
Aug 02 2007 04:37 GMT Londi PRO
Hmmm.... never heard of a self propelled riding lawn mower.... hee hee hee.....

Now, I'll be honest here, my lawn would look like yours if I didn't have a automatic mower.... it's named PAUL.... :))
Aug 05 2007 17:02 GMT hbla PRO
well ya know, if I'm driving it it IS self propelled...propelled by myself!
(heehee, it took me two days to think up that one ;)