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seen around
while lookin down :)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 22 2007 17:25 GMT hbla PRO
...then Heatherized ;)
Sep 22 2007 17:30 GMT Maurabia
thanks, like jewel looks yours
Sep 22 2007 17:31 GMT Midworlder PRO
Lots of texture here !!
Sep 22 2007 17:32 GMT hbla PRO
thanks Maurabia...it's what I thought when I saw them...jewels :)
Sep 22 2007 17:51 GMT ldhill62
this is nice :))
Sep 22 2007 18:12 GMT hallo
You're giving me a good idea :)
Sep 22 2007 18:26 GMT wifey
Beautiful view!
Sep 22 2007 20:39 GMT TRICKS4U
A good reminder how much we should stop looking up, and look down, then turnaround. :)
Sep 23 2007 00:52 GMT henrybohawk

(\ /)
( . .)
Sep 23 2007 06:14 GMT sayalio
Very interesting work!
Sep 23 2007 12:52 GMT abojovna PRO
Beautiful photo!
Sep 23 2007 13:03 GMT Londi PRO
wooooo....this is coool!!! The guy sitting on the bench that spoke up when you took this is a pro...I was wondering what he was thinking of us dingbats...if he could only see the results of your uninhibited photo snapping he'd think otherwise!!
Sep 24 2007 03:17 GMT hbla PRO
wow that guy was a pro?
I remember being totally distracted by that photo studio window display right after seeing him.
yup, I'm like you and thinking he was figuring us for a couple dinbats goofing with our cheater cameras lol
but hmmm, now that I 'think' more on it I bet HE has a cheater camera too!!!
we should stop in and visit him sometime!
Sep 27 2007 04:35 GMT Londi PRO
We should, his name is Ernst, he takes the best photos in town in my own opinion :)))
Sep 27 2007 14:03 GMT JPHarr
That's funny ~ I read the caption, and before I read the first comment, I thought, "Then Heatherized."
Sep 27 2007 14:07 GMT hbla PRO
hey man get outta my mind! ;)
Sep 27 2007 17:48 GMT onichek
Beautiful composition and textures!
Sep 28 2007 02:57 GMT Lucky222
cool , but don't remind me ..It looks like ice on a sidewalk...
Sep 29 2007 18:04 GMT hbla PRO
LMAOOO'ing at Lucky...you aren't so fond of ice either eh? lolol