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Tags flowers

439 views 2 people's favourite photo

found in my mom's yard, I THINK she's growing it on purpose ;)
I have no idea what this thing is lol.
not real pretty but I think the close up turned out well.
view original and check out the detail on the cat hair!

it's Hump Day!
may your journey over it be a Happy One :)

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 25 2007 14:02 GMT Poulet PRO
Great macro, hbla!!!
Very lovely colours! :))
Jul 25 2007 14:02 GMT blacknblue
Jul 25 2007 14:12 GMT hbla PRO
thank you Poulet! one thing I did like about this...thing (hee) is the color :)...AND the cat hair ;)
Jul 25 2007 14:12 GMT hbla PRO
thank you blacknblue, thanks for visiting :)
Jul 25 2007 14:14 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I think it's pretty Heather...whatever it is...pretty colors:-)))
Jul 25 2007 14:18 GMT hbla PRO
maybe I'll name it, it's a Whatever-Thinger-Merbobber !
Jul 25 2007 14:19 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Heeeyyy yeahhhh...good name for it...lol...very creative:-))))
Jul 25 2007 14:27 GMT RainyDay
perfect shot!
Jul 25 2007 14:36 GMT hbla PRO
phooey, I want to stay and PLAY! but have to blast off to work. have a great day all!!
Jul 25 2007 15:36 GMT wildflower22
nice close up...well done hbla ! Think there are the same flower i have.....lol http://www.fotothing.com/wildflower22/photo/385cc8f976ee5567268577306fd7d594/start=70 Have an nice day also !
Jul 25 2007 16:45 GMT iyerhari
a lovely presentation of nature series.........:))
Jul 25 2007 16:49 GMT ldhill62
turned out good :))
Jul 25 2007 17:04 GMT Midworlder PRO
superb close up indeed
Jul 25 2007 21:17 GMT sayalio
Very beautiful image!
Jul 25 2007 22:46 GMT Lucky222
This one is really, really nice... Looks to me like cat claws...
I did find the cat's hair.
Jul 26 2007 00:36 GMT jenylew
Ohh this is pretty! I found the hair too, I think!
Can't help you on what its called either, but lets go with Pretty Whatever Thinger Merbobber!
Jul 26 2007 02:52 GMT jll
Wonderful detail and shallow depth of field. Great shot!
Jul 26 2007 02:53 GMT will
Like this a lot Heather, great shot..!! Reminds me of a 'fly trap' of some kind..! Mom have lots of flies there?
Jul 28 2007 06:02 GMT Londi PRO
Maybe you can put these in salad :)
Jul 28 2007 19:50 GMT Todd
Very nice photo Heather, it has a look of a cactus flower.
Jul 29 2007 03:42 GMT paparazziboy
..oH nO!...Not your Mom!,...Heathers mom is growing Hump!,..what a world,..(hahahaha), sorry Hbla!,..I couldn't keep it for myself...
Jul 30 2007 16:23 GMT Rickncalif
Very pretty!!
Aug 01 2007 02:47 GMT hbla PRO
how did I miss this!
my mom's such a weirdo, she'll take this as a compliment paparazziboy heehee. thanks for the giggle :)
Aug 01 2007 02:48 GMT hbla PRO
thank you Rick!
Aug 07 2007 02:10 GMT bluefam
so lovely.
Sep 16 2007 05:18 GMT peterheaven
So visible and clear details.I realy like it.Great macro.