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the camera does TOO lie,
I was NOT upside down when this photo was taken.

well I guess I somehow managed to get the camera upside down,
this is how it turned out LOL

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Comments on this photo:

Nov 11 2007 19:55 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...you look cute upside down heather...not dorky at all...lol:-))
Nov 11 2007 20:01 GMT hbla PRO
thank you Magenta!
(I actually think I look BETTER upside down lol)
Nov 11 2007 20:02 GMT hbla PRO
heehee Shari, I was thinking of you while I was uploading *giggle*

NOT dorkie is the bestest compliment! wooHOOOOOOO!


Nov 11 2007 20:03 GMT hbla PRO
helloooo ajam!

(hey, can y'all understand me when I'm upside down? ;)
Nov 11 2007 20:14 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Want some more coffee Heather? Hehe:-))
Nov 11 2007 20:18 GMT hbla PRO

if I had any more coffee I'd spin off into outer space LOL.
Nov 11 2007 20:22 GMT Studio88
They say hanging up upside down is great for your back!!!
Excess Coffee will do it everytime ;-))
Nov 11 2007 20:25 GMT Pituflash
I like this portrait !!
Nov 11 2007 20:28 GMT sayalio
What a cool portrait!!! :-)
Nov 11 2007 20:29 GMT hbla PRO
I feel a cartwheel coming on!!!


Nov 11 2007 20:29 GMT hbla PRO
thank you Pituflash :)
Nov 11 2007 20:31 GMT hbla PRO
thanks sayalio :) cool! yay!!

Nov 11 2007 20:41 GMT bennystr
Cool portrait indeed!
Nov 11 2007 20:44 GMT hbla PRO
ooo another cool!

thank you benny :)
Nov 11 2007 20:45 GMT hbla PRO
have a lovely Sunday all!

Shari's fotothing made me hunnnnnnngry, I gotta go eat lunch.

and sky down LOL.
Nov 11 2007 22:42 GMT ldhill62
lovely in any direction :))
Nov 11 2007 22:51 GMT jenylew

One of my very favourite songs! :-) You reminded me of it so I thought I'd share with ya! :-) Have a great rest of your weekend!
Nov 12 2007 03:08 GMT hbla PRO
I love it jenylew! I've never heard it! is it from a movie? I love that cute monkey and the hippos LOL
Nov 12 2007 03:15 GMT Prikthai
I turn my computer and see a beautiful girl.
Nov 12 2007 04:11 GMT Lucky222
Yeahh upside down like the monkey...
You must be having some fun making us go upside down to look at your lovely portrait...
Nov 12 2007 05:10 GMT Kickey
Cool shot ! Looking as pretty as allways .. also I heard the camera adds on one hundred eighty degrees ! This confirms it !
Nov 12 2007 05:27 GMT Hairlessman
...a fine pic' from any angle...a clue at your true nature.
Nov 12 2007 08:48 GMT Londi PRO
I had a visual of you spinning off into outer space... ;+} PW
Nov 12 2007 14:06 GMT linnywv PRO
Gives the world a whole different perspective.......so to speak! ;) Wonderful portrait of you...great in black and white!
Nov 12 2007 16:17 GMT jenylew
It's from the movie Curious George...very cute! :-)
Nov 12 2007 23:50 GMT victoto
sure...but we know the world IS upsidedown....heheh...saludos
Nov 13 2007 00:29 GMT henrybohawk
wonderful pic---and i love the tag---really! " hashadwaytoomuchcoffeethismorning gagagagaga"---lol

Nov 13 2007 04:50 GMT wifey
LOLů Jenylew read my mind! Great distraction from the (also) beautiful bridges. :)
Nov 13 2007 09:39 GMT juanse
excellent...upside down in an upside down world...that makes you right side up!!!!
Nov 13 2007 12:43 GMT JPHarr
Too much coffee made you flip out.
Nov 14 2007 14:26 GMT Mia87
lovely looking lady :)
Nov 14 2007 14:37 GMT Poulet PRO
Heather, if you stay up side down for long you will have headache!!!
But, that's a good excuse for not to go to work! ;P

I must get a big mug of coffee! ;)))
Nov 14 2007 14:48 GMT hbla PRO
thanks Mia...a nice compliment from such a lovely lady herself :)
Nov 14 2007 14:50 GMT hbla PRO
ooo yeah Poulet I do know that and photoshopped myself upright very soon after the shot LOL.

I'm working on day 3 of my coffee binge....gagagaaa
Nov 14 2007 14:57 GMT Poulet PRO

I think I should sign off and have a HUGE mug of coffee!
Tomorrow I don't wanna go to work BUT I won't turn my head updise down! LOL
I just love to phone them that I have headache............and I'll go out to take pic shomewhere else!!!

It's a secret Heather!!!

Good night from here! ;))))
Nov 14 2007 15:11 GMT hbla PRO
lmaooo! call them and say I CAN'T WORK TODAY, I'M UPSIDEDOWN!
Nov 14 2007 15:12 GMT hbla PRO
sleep well!

Nov 16 2007 13:25 GMT maxelkat
Great upside down portrait!!
Nov 16 2007 13:29 GMT hbla PRO
why thank you maxelkat :)
Nov 16 2007 17:11 GMT maguzz
haha ... excelent gaga-ism ... ;-)