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having trouble with a caption because there's attention deprived cats crawling all over me and my computer at the moment so you can call it what you want lol

Happy Monday!
(is it over yet? ;)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 11 2007 01:51 GMT JPHarr
Heather ~ you are blind!
Sep 11 2007 01:54 GMT LisaSam67
LOL JPHarr.....
that's pretty cool Heather!
Sep 11 2007 01:55 GMT hbla PRO
I'm more then that I'm BLINDS!!
Sep 11 2007 01:55 GMT Lucky222
That was a good one!!! nice comment JP...
Sep 11 2007 01:59 GMT hbla PRO
yeah that JP...he's a groaner lol
Sep 11 2007 03:00 GMT henrybohawk
Sep 11 2007 03:10 GMT hbla PRO

how do you say 'sweet person' ? :)
(gaads and I used to be able to say 'how do you say' lol)
Sep 11 2007 03:33 GMT juanse
it is over...sweet person = dulce persona
Sep 11 2007 03:34 GMT juanse
I forgot...cool foto.
Sep 11 2007 03:37 GMT hbla PRO
thank you juanse, it's been a WAY too long one.

and double thank you! for the compliment and the Spanish :)
Sep 11 2007 03:42 GMT paparazziboy
..Latina's rule , but you are realy cool!, was that Spanish enough?
Sep 11 2007 03:47 GMT hbla PRO
yeah I GET that Spanish!! muy!
Sep 11 2007 04:00 GMT hbla PRO
thank you HQN, I was feeling the need to be different :)
Sep 11 2007 04:04 GMT ldhill62
good idea but i can't see enough of you :))
Sep 11 2007 04:05 GMT pp11364
It is a very creative shot.
Sep 11 2007 04:05 GMT Sweetoes PRO
oh I like this and Monday IS almost over! Yay! I can come out of hiding now...lol...you too Heather:-))
Sep 11 2007 04:06 GMT hbla PRO
view original Les!
Sep 11 2007 04:08 GMT hbla PRO
woahhhh...do you hide on Mondays like me? woahhhhhh freaky Shari!
I'm actually being kinda bold tonight lol
Sep 11 2007 04:09 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yeah me too...ssshhhh..I'm not supposed to be here:-))
Sep 11 2007 04:09 GMT iyerhari
that's good idea:)
Sep 11 2007 04:13 GMT hbla PRO
kay Shari, I can be quiet if I try real hard!
Sep 11 2007 04:13 GMT hbla PRO
so what are you supposed to be doing??? hmmm???
Sep 11 2007 04:28 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Ummmm playing I think. lol
Sep 11 2007 04:47 GMT hbla PRO
heehee, you're so funny PROBABLY something you're not s'pozed to be doing :)
Sep 11 2007 05:11 GMT sayalio
I like this picture so much!!!
Sep 11 2007 05:14 GMT hbla PRO
thank you sayalio, and I like your latest!
Sep 11 2007 05:21 GMT TRICKS4U
I always knew you were a shady kinda person.

*does drum roll with a finish on the cimbal*
Sep 11 2007 05:23 GMT hbla PRO
owwwGAAAAD rolling up in a ball and grooooanin!
lol unut :)
Sep 11 2007 05:39 GMT TRICKS4U
Gas or ???
Sep 11 2007 05:49 GMT Maurabia
thanks HBLA, was strange as experiment !! you are curious, that's true.
Sep 11 2007 05:52 GMT hbla PRO
a case of the TRICKS!! oweeeeeee!
Sep 11 2007 05:53 GMT hbla PRO
worse then a cat Maurabia :) thanks for visiting!
Sep 11 2007 05:53 GMT hbla PRO
eegads, I think I better plan on NOT sleeping tonight. ..what's with all this Monday fun??
Sep 11 2007 05:56 GMT TRICKS4U
I know, I feel like I'm being real bad partying on a Monday night!
Sep 11 2007 05:57 GMT hbla PRO
okay I'm signing off and going to bed for real!
doctor underpaaaaaaaaants!!!!!

luv ya all truly :)
Sep 11 2007 06:00 GMT hbla PRO
me too! I gotta work tomorrow!
(waiting for the boss to come on line any minute lol)

okay signing off for real and permanently!
for tonight anyway ;)
Sep 11 2007 06:00 GMT TRICKS4U
Love ya back sweety!!!!!

Have a great week plssss!!!
Sep 11 2007 11:47 GMT jenylew
Cute shot.
Sep 11 2007 14:02 GMT mbz
excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!beautiful reflection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!