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HELL'acious evening!

I'll spare you and sum it up by saying I smell like bug spray,
and if I disappear my computer did it!

I had something completely different in mind for an upload but I saw this and went melllllllowwwwwwwwww...sighh...

I think I'm better now, thank you Henry.

taken today...Londi's finners at the bottom left :)
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 15 2007 04:53 GMT larrybenedict
The long way home? Is this uphill?

(żLa manera larga casera? żEs esto ascendente?)
Sep 15 2007 05:11 GMT hbla PRO
it is! best workbreak hike in the world :)
Sep 15 2007 05:39 GMT Londi PRO
this turned out neat! it was good to get out today!!
Sep 15 2007 05:41 GMT hbla PRO
gaads I'm SO glad you had that idea!!
Sep 15 2007 05:41 GMT sini
Lovely image!:)
Sep 15 2007 06:01 GMT henrybohawk
good to hear you're fine , heather.

lovely pic!!
Sep 15 2007 06:36 GMT si41
this looks like the glen in east kilbride
Sep 15 2007 08:03 GMT Midworlder PRO
Looks like a great work break .. lucky you !!
Sep 15 2007 09:31 GMT mbz
Sep 15 2007 11:56 GMT bennystr
Simply beautiful!
Sep 15 2007 17:30 GMT sayalio
What a neat image.....yes, I mean both - the footbridge and the fingers! ;-)
Sep 15 2007 17:36 GMT hbla PRO
yeah I thought so...why I left them there :))
Sep 15 2007 17:50 GMT ldhill62
great shot :))
Sep 15 2007 19:43 GMT TRICKS4U
what a beautiful peaceful place to go with your friend.

It would be hard to head back to the office after seeing this.
Sep 15 2007 19:56 GMT Maaya
Looks like a wonderful place......to walk....walk...and walk.....and do a lot of thinking......
Great photo Heather !
Sep 16 2007 03:46 GMT michaelcarl PRO
Greeting Hbla
l like how you use the light
what also hit me was the fact olny a few street away is a lane
like this one small world we live in my friend
Cheer's from Canada
Sep 16 2007 03:55 GMT iyerhari
lovely place...
Sep 16 2007 04:57 GMT Lucky222
Nice place to get a workout, walking this often gets to be easier...ea. time...
greenery still there.. Great!!
Sep 16 2007 04:59 GMT hbla PRO
yeah the green is barely hanging in here. I'm so glad I got this photo!
Sep 16 2007 15:42 GMT JJAP
Beautiful photo!!!!!!
Sep 16 2007 22:55 GMT Todd
Beautiful picture Heather, would love to take a walk up there too.
Sep 18 2007 04:40 GMT bluefam
very interesting.