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Tags abstract


going stir crazy!

so I'm taking crazy photos, lol.
painting by my dad...my true hero :)

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Comments on this photo:

Jul 28 2007 05:36 GMT TRICKS4U
Hey Heather......keep taking crazy photo's!!!!
I have to say I'd rather have you around then not hear or see your work.
btw, I have a great story about the Foo Fighters....lol
I just wish I had a camera when it all took place....
but it's a doozy....
Great fucking song sweety!!!!!!!
Jul 28 2007 05:57 GMT Londi PRO
Sigh... the photo, the song...all good :+}
Jul 28 2007 07:42 GMT ldhill62
nothing crazy about this :))
Jul 28 2007 09:37 GMT pp11364
You presented a very good realistic shot.
Jul 28 2007 19:10 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hey cool photo...not crazy...my dad's my hero too! Happy Saturday!
Jul 29 2007 00:11 GMT wifey
Heather's gone jungless! In local slang it's not really a compliment but I mean it to be here… I'm jealous of anyone who can grow plants indoors. :P
Jul 29 2007 03:43 GMT paparazziboy
..Soo Sweet how you adore your Dad Hbla!, I love it!
Jul 29 2007 03:49 GMT hbla PRO
I admire him SO much...he was a great abstract artist..kind of like you :)
Jul 29 2007 03:54 GMT Lucky222
Your plant looks so green, and very healthy. is is near a window?
That painting, is it a watercolor.
My father painted a couple of pictures they were balck and white, he paited them when he was very young about 14 years old it was done in black ink and I think that for a 14 year old he did very good.
He claims he was just not interested in doing any drawings or painitings so he just gave it up... I really wish he would of continued with painting, but that is the way it is most often the one's that can do something with ease do not want to do it and the one's that can't do and they do strugling for quite sometime and they either give up too or get good at it and continue to do great things..
Jul 29 2007 04:13 GMT paparazziboy
they make brilli@nt music : Foo Fighters!,..Your dad is a Brilli@nt @rtist, there is a part of him in you, so obvious for us to see..keep them crazy pictures coming up Heather, you are with friends here, we love you, nothing you show us can be crazy enough, we love your work, it shows a piece of you , and we all know you are cool, we love you, (I do!)
Jul 29 2007 04:28 GMT hbla PRO
my living room is all around windows! as long as the cats (as in Hugo) don't chew on them, my houseplants are really very healthy.
my dad's specialty was oil painting, something I could never conquer.
do you have any of your dad's stuff Lucky? I'd love to see it!!!!!
Jul 29 2007 04:32 GMT hbla PRO
I want to kiss you paparazziboy...you've given me the best compliment ever!!
Jul 29 2007 04:33 GMT hbla PRO
*listening to My Hero*
Jul 29 2007 04:51 GMT Lucky222
One of my sisters has one, the other is in one of my parents apartments...
They offered the other one to me at one time, I declined....at this time.
I said that I truly liked it, like it a lot but I said that for now it belonged to my father and the best p[lace for it, it would be with them. I can always take possesion later on if my father would not be with us anymore.
I sure hope that day never comes...
I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers, I mentioned it does not seem fair for me to have it, was told they would like me to have it...
I hope that when the time comes it is not a problem...
I do like it a lot, and I really would love to have it..... when the time comes...
Jul 29 2007 16:41 GMT iyerhari
lovely creative art work.......
Jul 30 2007 17:14 GMT sayalio
Bravissimo, paparazziboy, nothing to add! :-)