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took me two days but I ate the whole thing!

I have macros if you're interested.

of the pizza...NOT me eating it lol

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Comments on this photo:

Oct 22 2009 02:09 GMT Poulet PRO
VERY CRUEL shot! ;P lol
Oct 22 2009 02:12 GMT Wildspirit PRO
It would have taken me two minutes!
Oct 22 2009 02:13 GMT Londi PRO
wow!! that is BIG!
Oct 22 2009 02:15 GMT hbla PRO
Poulet it was soooooo good.....even better the next day!
sawree sawree heehee.
Oct 22 2009 02:17 GMT hbla PRO
heehee Jim....I had to say STOP out loud so I would not consume it in one sitting. probably would take me about 35 minutes so you'd beat me in a pizza eating contest :)
Oct 22 2009 02:18 GMT hbla PRO
13 incher Londi! special Schwans size!
Oct 22 2009 02:20 GMT Midworlder PRO
Oooops .. There goes my diet
Oct 22 2009 02:28 GMT hbla PRO
heh heh sawree Rog...taking you and everyone down with me ;)
Oct 22 2009 02:29 GMT JPHarr
Cold next-day pizza: a favorite meal. =)
Oct 22 2009 02:31 GMT Midworlder PRO
You sure are Bud :-) What a way to go :-)
Oct 22 2009 02:38 GMT hbla PRO
it's the best JP I haven't had it in ages!

and hope I can stop now lol.
Oct 22 2009 03:51 GMT Lucky222
It does look delicious,
whats best the crusty edge or the moist gooey cheeses center?

I like a piece that has both...but if you where sharing I would take whatever it would be offered...
Delicious , Bodacious pizza!!!
You making me hungry!! Heather....
Oct 22 2009 06:50 GMT rainbow71
I love pizza prefer home made ones.
Oct 22 2009 09:40 GMT teddybear2
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy
Oct 22 2009 14:22 GMT gwen83
Looks very good, can i have some. hahaha:-)))
Oct 23 2009 18:22 GMT hotrodharleys
Im with JP cold the day after
Oct 24 2009 01:47 GMT tmq666 PRO
leftover pizza is the best! (looks great hot, too!)
Oct 24 2009 06:16 GMT irajsalarvand
very good.............
Oct 25 2009 04:39 GMT hbla PRO
it was all around VERY good!!
Dec 07 2009 04:19 GMT bluefam
nice and looks tasty.
Dec 16 2009 03:33 GMT hbla PRO
funny you should mention that, I'm having pizza again tonight lol. it was and will be yummmaaaay!!!