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guess I'm not going anywhere today,
this hummer's bobbing around outside my door webbing me in.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 08 2007 19:07 GMT hbla PRO
why'd I go and do this, I have a stomache ache now lol.
Sep 08 2007 19:19 GMT bennystr
Excellent capture Heather, I like the composition!
I guess telling you he's harmless won't help, is it... ? :-)
Sep 08 2007 19:20 GMT paparazziboy
..maybe he likes you to stay home with him
Sep 08 2007 19:22 GMT sayalio
I am uploading spider webs today, you the rest....:-)) Nice!
Sep 08 2007 19:23 GMT hbla PRO
not harmless cuz when he moves benny I have a heart attack!

Sep 08 2007 19:24 GMT hbla PRO
he's got his wish paparazzi...I can't even go in the front room now lol...serious spideritis!!!! bluuch
Sep 08 2007 19:26 GMT hbla PRO
heehee no surprise sayalio :)))
I'll come look when my case of the barfs passess ;)
thanks you!
Sep 08 2007 19:42 GMT adria
oh looks nasty enough ! :)) excellent silhouette !
Sep 08 2007 19:46 GMT hbla PRO
yeah! excellent word! nasty!

thanks adria :)))
Sep 08 2007 20:11 GMT LizSA
Benny..... you think he is harmless.....oh wow....he does not look harmless....
as long as they live outside...good...
Magnificent photo Hbla....hi there.... !!
Sep 08 2007 20:14 GMT hbla PRO
hi there LizSA!

...they have to live WAY outside for me...like next door at least lol.
I'm not sure how big this one appears on your screen but he appears actual size on mine.
Sep 08 2007 20:22 GMT mbz
Sep 09 2007 00:14 GMT ldhill62
good catch :))
Sep 09 2007 04:16 GMT henrybohawk
i love spiders!!!!!!!
Sep 09 2007 04:16 GMT henrybohawk
beautiful pic!!!
Sep 09 2007 04:37 GMT Lucky222
I like spiders but not to near me...
Just because I don't know much about them and some are poisonous...
I think that's most people's problem, I just don't think people should kill them.
Spiders eat a bunch of other bugs, that we don't like either, Spiders very well could be our friends... So don't kill this little critters or the big ones either..
Just stay away...
I also know some people that are just paranoid about them...like my wife...LOL..
Sep 09 2007 04:38 GMT Londi PRO
It's that time of year ;+} I've been vacuuming all day just to ENSURE they're not inside!

Sep 09 2007 04:43 GMT hbla PRO
you LIKE spiders? eeeeeeek!
well henry, you're an artist, you have every right to be .....freaky! ;))))))
Sep 09 2007 04:48 GMT hbla PRO
me and your wife have to talk Lucky! I think we would get along VERY well :)))

seriously I hate killing living beings and I cannot do it...unless it's a spider!
Sep 09 2007 04:49 GMT hbla PRO
ga ga gaaa...I can't comprehend how you can stand them being in your vacuum cleaner!!!!!
Sep 09 2007 09:34 GMT Peixy
You are not alone, see what a wonderful little.
Sep 09 2007 13:08 GMT will
I have one of these living behind my dog's dogfood bag. And I'm so used to them around here I haven't even bothered to put it out..!! )))
Sep 09 2007 16:18 GMT Maaya
well composed...........splendid find and capture................
Sep 10 2007 02:16 GMT hbla PRO
I tend to leave them alone if they're not in my face but today will!
have three doors and EVERY door had a web and a spider bobbing in front of it!

I wonder if my neighbors watch me lol. I hope they don't listen, I do alot of screaming lol. today I got fed up because I had to go into town...I was poking a cat toy out the front door so I could get my spider weapon (a broom) I keep on the porch...WHICH was webbed up! I had to break out of my house!
Sep 10 2007 04:11 GMT will
Yeah, that's a very spooky one too there, no doubt. And funny, just after commenting that to you this morning, I discovered one who has taken up residence behind my shampoo bottle on the floor. Guess he was there before but didn't pay much attention till now. But, he's suddenly grown lots bigger...omg...But, luckily I don't wash my hair anymore everyday.. lol...and, with 3 there you're still one up on me!! hardy har har..!!
Sep 10 2007 04:15 GMT hbla PRO
noooooo WAY will! the shampoo bottle?
your spiders are closing in and you must be careful because next thing you know they're gonna be all over you!
Sep 10 2007 04:20 GMT will
*gagagaaa*...please help, omg, they're hogging my pillow right nowwwww....barf
Sep 10 2007 04:22 GMT will
and yes, omg what's next? My conditioner? Noooooooo, I've been out of that for over a month.. luckily...*gagagaaa*
Sep 10 2007 04:22 GMT hbla PRO
*compulsively barfing her brains out*
Sep 10 2007 04:36 GMT will
I know Heather. I'm beginning to think life just sucks. Or, did I already know that? Especially when it seems like my biggest job in life has now become 'Master Hairball Plucker'...(( *barfbarfbashbashbash*
Sep 10 2007 04:38 GMT hbla PRO
oh my GAAAAAADS ...rolling on the floor

I AM a cat lady...did you know that??? officially!
Sep 16 2007 22:57 GMT Todd
spidey dropped in to say hello to you... lol
Sep 17 2007 02:00 GMT hbla PRO
there was one in one of the front room window sills the other day.
I slammed it shut and will never be able to open that window again!!
Sep 17 2007 12:27 GMT Todd
Spiders are always dropping around me, everytime I walk out to our garden I always with fail walk into a big spider web, they are busy little guys lol.
Oct 16 2007 08:19 GMT KrucifiX
Nice shot!
Feb 14 2008 20:15 GMT startoend
Put on your strappy sandals and squish that nasty thing.
Feb 16 2008 03:24 GMT hbla PRO
hahahahaa! no WAY! I have a pair of special spider stompers for that...absolutely every part of my foot has to be covered and protected from any possible flying guts!