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photo idea by Londi, taken and edited by Heather.

okay HERE's the thing: Heather's pissed.

for the SECOND time I have deleted ALL PHOTOS ON THE NIKON S70 in error because for some stupid reason it's the FIRST OPTION WHEN DOWNLOADING PHOTOS!!!


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Comments on this photo:

Jan 28 2010 03:23 GMT hbla PRO
all photos taken today *poof*
I have a recovery program but it isn't working on my overloaded computer Lonnnnnnnnndiiiiiiiieeeeeeee.
Jan 28 2010 03:27 GMT hbla PRO
Jan 28 2010 03:29 GMT Midworlder PRO
Buggar !!

So it's not "idiot proof" ? sorrrrry :-)
Jan 28 2010 03:31 GMT hbla PRO
yeah....missing my CANON POWERSHOT alot tonight.
Jan 28 2010 03:31 GMT Midworlder PRO
Great manipulation (of Londi's photo?)
Jan 28 2010 03:33 GMT hbla PRO
edited the caption
Jan 28 2010 03:36 GMT hbla PRO
i'm outta here...gonna try and 'ki myself via pepper jack cheez it's
Jan 28 2010 05:00 GMT wifey
Once bitten twice shy... lovely results of your rage. :)
Jan 28 2010 15:46 GMT iyerhari
great work!
Jan 28 2010 17:01 GMT valmirribeiro
Very good!
Simple and beautiful!
Jan 28 2010 21:45 GMT JPHarr
Get a card reader. Pull the camera card out and put it in the reader. Do not use the camera's menus and you won't mess up like that anymore.
Jan 28 2010 21:46 GMT JPHarr
But I like your heatherization.
Jan 29 2010 03:14 GMT hbla PRO
what I've been doing all along JP but my reader won't read the 4 gigger chip. I just need to upgrade...all around
Jan 29 2010 21:06 GMT JPHarr
Is it an SD card? There is a new format called SDHC. The size is exactly the same, but the SD-only readers will not read the SDHC format.
Jan 31 2010 07:20 GMT hbla PRO
just checked it out and that's exactly what it is, SDHC! poop!
Jan 31 2010 07:21 GMT hbla PRO
well really not so bad now that I know...tnx JP