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414 views 2 people's favourite photo

heehee, I couldn't resist sharing my Sunday cat wrangling outfit.

sexaay or what??!

that's my favorite Budweiser hat by the way :)
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 24 2007 01:45 GMT jenylew
There are those great boots again!
Love dem boots!
Jul 24 2007 01:50 GMT hbla PRO
heehee, they are the BEST boots!!!!
Jul 24 2007 03:19 GMT Lucky222
Very sexy Heather... liked your boots, look so soft..
Sorieeeeee, can't comment on hat need a close up of that one...red is good...
Jul 24 2007 03:21 GMT will
Wow, a couple 'Buds' later and into the 'boots'...hehe...and wranglin' cats..on a sunday yet...Wow, that's decadence if i've ever heard it...sexaay and suxx kewl...;o))
Jul 24 2007 03:40 GMT will
(joking, joking you know...I hope..) omg...haha, you look great here too!! (not joking) ;o)
Jul 24 2007 04:00 GMT hbla PRO
but of course I have pics of the hat...I'll show you later :)
Jul 24 2007 04:08 GMT hbla PRO
not joking? hahaha, I think I'm at my most bizzarest here...thank you will :)
Jul 24 2007 04:42 GMT LisaSam67
cool shot!!!
Jul 24 2007 05:53 GMT sayalio
Very nice girl here!!! Great shot!!!
Jul 24 2007 06:25 GMT Londi PRO
hee hee... May offend? LMAO!!! Love the tag!
Jul 24 2007 07:39 GMT m2yu
=D preetayyy!~ haha, those boots looks really nice..~ very cool
Jul 24 2007 11:14 GMT ldhill62
nicely taken :))
Jul 24 2007 13:34 GMT will
guess I like you as bizarre huh? *wink wink..lol
Jul 24 2007 18:54 GMT JPHarr
Nobody axed, so I will: what's cat wrangling?
Jul 24 2007 20:23 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Very HOTTT Heather....I like your hat. I like hats. Can I have it?
Jul 25 2007 14:02 GMT hbla PRO
heheh, I knew if anyone would notice Londi would, heheh
Jul 25 2007 14:03 GMT hbla PRO
LMAO! hope so will because I think that's 'me' lol.
Jul 25 2007 14:05 GMT si41
Helllooo babes just back from my hols and been missing your pics
Jul 25 2007 14:06 GMT hbla PRO
JP, I'm so happy you cared enough to axe!
it's the outfit I end up in when I have to run out into the rain and chase my cat down...mainly Buster who's not allowed outside because he's a trouble magnet, lol.
Jul 25 2007 14:08 GMT hbla PRO
hmmmmm....we may be able to strike a bargain here Shari...I MAY consider a trade for one of every kind of baked goodie you know how to make :)))) it would be hard to part with it...I had to do my best conning to get it in the first place lol.
Jul 25 2007 14:09 GMT hbla PRO
hey Si, about time you got back !
Jul 25 2007 14:16 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe..cute Heather..lol...you can have anything I can bake..:-)))
Jul 25 2007 14:18 GMT hbla PRO
oooo goooodie!!! I'll eat anything! well...except I can't have chocolate :(
Jul 25 2007 14:20 GMT si41
ooooooooooh!!!!!! naughty thoughts he he !!!!
Jul 25 2007 14:21 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Ohhhh nooooo...poor Heather...what about Strawberry shortcake? Now that my cast is off and I can somewhat use my hand..I was thinking about making what sarah tried to last weekend...hungry for it...want some?
Jul 25 2007 14:37 GMT hbla PRO
ooo yes! strawberry shortcake is darn near as good as chocolate!! that sounds good now!
yikes I'm going to be late. let me know how it turns out :)))
Jul 25 2007 14:38 GMT hbla PRO
Si, you are just naughty :)
Jul 25 2007 14:57 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Okay...have a great day Heather:-)))
Jul 25 2007 16:30 GMT TRICKS4U
OHHH, I'm so late getting on here....but your wrangling outfit makes even the biggest cats prrrrrrrrrrrr.....
Jul 25 2007 16:38 GMT maguzz
ahhhh ... you are bleaching your teeth ... ;-)))
Jul 26 2007 02:03 GMT hbla PRO
wow Trix, lucky you showed up before my comments filled up! probably by me, but they'll probably fill up!


thank you, really a purrrrrrrrfect compliment :)
Jul 26 2007 02:05 GMT hbla PRO
maguzz! you would notice that! I spotted it just this morning and said to myself 'nah, no one will notice' and here comes maguzz oh yeah, lol.
(laughing my butt off :)
Jul 26 2007 10:16 GMT maguzz
haha ... there's no escape from maguzz ... ;-)
Jul 26 2007 15:23 GMT paparazziboy
Damn Sexci!
Jul 26 2007 15:39 GMT Rickncalif
too cute.....lol cat wrangling huh Heather? lol
Jul 28 2007 06:07 GMT Londi PRO
Showdown at the Full Moon Corral :+}
Jul 28 2007 16:39 GMT hbla PRO
LMAOO!! I think you pegged it Londi...looking at my latest photos, there's something funky going on lol.
May 23 2008 13:56 GMT hbla PRO
heehee, the hat or boots?
May 26 2008 03:18 GMT hbla PRO
my feets and my brain :)
Jun 08 2009 16:34 GMT Midworlder PRO
Hahahahaha ,,,, it's a tough job herding cats .. you need to have the right outfit and this outfit would certainly distract them, something is distracting me ... don't ask me how I found it ;)
Jun 10 2009 02:59 GMT hbla PRO
haha you nut. I was actually wearing a similar outfit last night while pulling dead trees outta my yard with my PFer! except it was alot warmer. you'd be amazed lol.
Jun 10 2009 07:52 GMT Midworlder PRO
Mmmmmm Boots, Bare Legs & Budweiser ..... aaahhhhh ... sweet dreams for me tonight ... heehee