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for anyone unable to find your moon last night,
it was stuck in the phone wires in Port Angeles!
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 27 2007 14:01 GMT JPHarr
Did you shake it free? This may have a serious affect upon tides! =(
Sep 27 2007 14:06 GMT hbla PRO
nope...I was too busy taking photos of it heehee :)
Sep 27 2007 15:06 GMT YesHello
wasnt it just beautiful!!!!!
Sep 27 2007 15:11 GMT jceca PRO
uhmmm ... i think we have a little problem ... here was the same !!!!!!!!!
one of them was the fake one, then ... :-))

cool shot !!!!
i can't do that with my compact ... :S
Sep 27 2007 15:39 GMT henrybohawk
que maravilla, heather!!

es una luna mágica que ilumina tu camino.

la luna mágica que todo ángel como tu tiene.
Sep 27 2007 15:49 GMT sayalio
My very dearest Friend, so sad to inform You've found just some pale copy of the moon, the real one I found stuck in my goosberry bush!!!
Sep 27 2007 16:15 GMT ldhill62
beautiful pic :))
Sep 27 2007 16:46 GMT Midworlder PRO
Sep 27 2007 17:40 GMT onichek
And did you help it out? You're a poet trapped in a city, Heather! :)
Sep 27 2007 19:42 GMT toots
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Best Regards,
Sep 28 2007 02:54 GMT Lucky222
Thanks Heather...
I did get to shoot Mahhh Moon Last night will post a pic.. for you to see but it must of been a couple hrs earlier... Was wondering if anybody I knew was SEEEIIIN what I was seeing too & I m glad it was U!!!!
Sep 28 2007 03:08 GMT Londi PRO
Beautiful Heather... last night's moon has been a popular topic as it was so huge!!!
Sep 28 2007 03:09 GMT hans55 PRO
great moon !!!
Sep 28 2007 03:11 GMT hbla PRO
wow how amazing! I think it's called a harvest moon in these parts but thought it just had something to do with air pollution and such in your area. so everyone was seeing it!! wow!
Sep 28 2007 03:27 GMT Lucky222
I am no expert in moon facts but...
A blue moon is supopsed to be the second full moon in any given month...it does happen about two months every year...
Now I believe every month's full moon has a specific name, would have to goggle it to find out, so yeahh it is harvest moon here also...
Sep 28 2007 03:29 GMT Lucky222
That's a nice close up!!
Awfully ,,, Nice moon... wasn't it?
Sep 28 2007 03:35 GMT galpay PRO
wonderful photo...
Sep 28 2007 09:32 GMT adria
lovelyy ! :))
Sep 29 2007 18:01 GMT hbla PRO
nah, I kinda liked them there ;)
Sep 29 2007 18:22 GMT bennystr
Beautifully captured :-)
Sep 30 2007 03:06 GMT hbla PRO
you're having a moon cake? hey share! :)))
Oct 01 2007 02:24 GMT snowbird
A blue moon???? well it's live and learn. (*.*)
Oct 01 2007 19:20 GMT mbz
Oct 02 2007 02:11 GMT hbla PRO
oh my GAADS onichek, how'd I miss your visit!
too many blond highlites maybe LOL.
Oct 02 2007 03:27 GMT Ometepe
Feb 22 2010 18:59 GMT hanek
I have also the same at home ;-)))
Feb 25 2010 03:46 GMT hbla PRO
those wires get in the way so we have to work with them huh?

thanks hanek for all your great comments!