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my best side ;)

and one of my fave tunes...


cool photography (videography?) here I thought :)
Hoh River expedition
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Comments on this photo:

Aug 22 2007 03:05 GMT juanse
nice foto...did you take it?
Aug 22 2007 03:14 GMT hbla PRO
Aug 22 2007 03:17 GMT JPHarr
That song is simply awesome. Were I at that stage of life to be falling in love, that would be powerful and perhaps sad. But for me, it's just powerful. =)

This is foto 10 of 1,000?!
Aug 22 2007 03:21 GMT hbla PRO
it's really beautiful isn't it?

stay tuned JP ;)
Aug 22 2007 04:14 GMT Londi PRO
Awesome photo... wait.. I took it..
I thought you kind of "fit" with the driftwood here...I am glad I snapped these :)
Aug 22 2007 04:26 GMT hbla PRO
heehee :)
Aug 22 2007 04:53 GMT Rickncalif
Very cool!!
Aug 22 2007 05:43 GMT hallo
Harmony ;)
Aug 22 2007 06:02 GMT TRICKS4U
I love the music attached while I browse your Hoh river adventures!!!!!!

Nice touch hbla!!!!
Aug 22 2007 09:38 GMT rock
Aug 22 2007 14:19 GMT si41
I think you've got a few better than this side ho ho
Aug 22 2007 19:49 GMT ldhill62
nice photo :))
Aug 22 2007 23:30 GMT JJAP
Aug 23 2007 05:36 GMT sayalio
Lovely sistah!!! :-)
Aug 23 2007 19:33 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Turn around Heather....(steals your hat)...lol:-))
Aug 23 2007 19:36 GMT hbla PRO
*chasing Sweetoes*

gimmeee my hat!

Aug 23 2007 19:41 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Hehe...you can't catch me...I'm bouncying...LOL!
Aug 23 2007 19:43 GMT hbla PRO
*hmmmm...where does Shari keep her matt-hat when she's bouncying*

Aug 23 2007 19:55 GMT Sweetoes PRO
ummm...under my bed...sssshhhh:-)))
Aug 24 2007 22:17 GMT bennystr
Well done... Londi...
Hi Heather!
Aug 26 2007 18:49 GMT will
Beautiful, beautiful..:)
Aug 27 2007 03:06 GMT Lucky222
looks like you found the mothrelode od drift wood..
question is how are you gonna haul it back???
And what will you do with it? for a fish tank?
I will go great with your tinny boat... in your pool...
Seriously... this is a real huge tree is a shame it died... what might of happened?
Aug 27 2007 18:24 GMT hbla PRO
Lucky you are CRAAACKING me up!
seriously tho we had to leave it there...we couldn't get our log truck to the beach :/
very disappointing because I was going to use it for a hood ornament on my boat.

there was so much driftwood! it's interesting to ponder where this tree might have come from. could be anywhere! Canada? Russia? Mexico? Wisconsin? :)
Aug 28 2007 03:48 GMT Lucky222
Yeahhh who's to know???
interesting... it would be... just to somehow find out...
Aug 28 2007 04:10 GMT hbla PRO
I'm willing to wager Wisconsin!!!

seriously tho, it would be SO interesting :)