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Tags it was f ing cold


hard day at the office today ;)

we grabbed a Wendy's Glue Wrap and headed to the beach.
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Comments on this photo:

Apr 30 2008 02:24 GMT hbla PRO
yeah! here we can have sun, rain and ice all at the same time!
Apr 30 2008 02:35 GMT hbla PRO
oh damn, my favorite kind of ice...iced latte!
Apr 30 2008 04:36 GMT sayalio
Lovely composition, dear Friend! Lovely blue...and white...and grey sand.
Apr 30 2008 04:45 GMT Lucky222
Nice perspective. like your Jeans...
Apr 30 2008 06:40 GMT rock
Apr 30 2008 08:03 GMT znacke
great angle, and lovely blue jeans ;)
Apr 30 2008 08:16 GMT si41
aint life a beach,and what's a glue wrap????
Apr 30 2008 11:06 GMT JPHarr
A glue wrap...! Hahahaaa!
Apr 30 2008 14:23 GMT hbla PRO
yeah JP, Wendy's is pushing them as Go Wraps but take it from me & Londi, they are Glue Wraps!
Apr 30 2008 14:26 GMT hbla PRO
a piece of chicken, lettuce, cheese, some sort of sauce if you're lucky all wrapped in a tortilla made from glue - because they ran out of rice (Londi came up with the rice part - I'm still not sure what she means ;)
Apr 30 2008 15:48 GMT JPHarr
If Wendy's is serving Asian tortillas, it's no wonder they're losing money. Thanks for pointing out that "fact," Londi. =)
Apr 30 2008 20:49 GMT Sweetoes PRO
Yup. Cold. Let's go to Cocoa Beach!
May 01 2008 13:26 GMT gafaway
as long as it sticks to your ribs : ) wonderful photo !
May 01 2008 14:17 GMT Todd
Sun, Rain and ice on the same day, are you sure you were not sitting on a beach in Nova Scotia instead of Washington? lol.
May 01 2008 22:38 GMT bennystr
Looks good Heather!
May 02 2008 00:03 GMT Londi PRO
aha! now I get it! hard to look hot with a glue wrap in your teeth :+) best to shoot the feets :+) we are ready for summer!
May 02 2008 07:46 GMT jackbadger56
Cool genes! ;-p
May 02 2008 17:15 GMT mbz
May 03 2008 18:15 GMT hbla PRO
gaga gagaaaa Londi! no more glue wraps for THIS kid. maybe no more Wendy's period. I've been traumatized lol.
May 05 2008 05:17 GMT losp
After hard day's work, attention now diverted onto
common, beautiful sand and pebbles on the beach
= nature's items .. Haha, the jean and the 2 legs
cannot attract much of my eyes' attention, though
they're in the foreground :o) .. Excellent composition !
May 06 2008 04:10 GMT Londi PRO
you & me both...:+)
May 09 2008 21:49 GMT moniqe
cool :)
May 10 2008 14:24 GMT Midworlder PRO
Wendy's Glue Wrap ??? I thought it was going to be easier to understand things in the States