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found it!

a huge mushroom found on my trail last year..about the size of an extra large grapefruit lol.
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Comments on this photo:

Sep 04 2007 01:50 GMT jenylew
Wow. Kinda looks like a brain! That is indeed one mondo BFM!
Sep 04 2007 01:56 GMT hbla PRO
wow it DOES look like a brain!!!
heehee, I knew if ANYONE would get the BFM tag you would lol
Sep 04 2007 02:04 GMT Londi PRO
BFM 'shroom there!!! wow man :)
Sep 04 2007 02:25 GMT hbla PRO
man it was HUGE! as big as my brain! bigger!
Sep 04 2007 02:43 GMT hbla PRO
I think so...it's basically a mutant puff ball (hee) and they're edible right?
Sep 04 2007 03:05 GMT Rickncalif
very cool shot there Heather *Grin*
Sep 04 2007 03:10 GMT hbla PRO
thank you Rick :)
(view original, it's huge!)
Sep 04 2007 03:32 GMT Studio88
It's a Brainy Mushroom!!!
Sep 04 2007 04:08 GMT palakol
Interesting Photo.. c",)
Sep 04 2007 05:18 GMT sayalio
And what now - my jealousy it ain't mine....;-) Superb catch!!!
Sep 04 2007 05:19 GMT Lucky222
And I was thinking...

a guffy looking golf ball.... what happened to it??
Heather beat it too hard???
LOL... hahahhahahah
Sep 04 2007 08:19 GMT faenzu
looks like a golf ball ;-)..great shot!!
Sep 04 2007 08:33 GMT ldhill62
good shot :))
Sep 04 2007 21:50 GMT jenylew
LOL! Thanks, (I think) tee hee!
Sep 05 2007 03:10 GMT Sweetoes PRO
I thought it was a golf ball at first too...MONSTER mushroom...lol
Sep 05 2007 03:45 GMT hbla PRO
gaads Lucky...I just can't get golf...I see this HUGE brain thinger and my instincts tell me club it! club it! heehee
Sep 05 2007 03:45 GMT hbla PRO
yeah, it's a good thing...you're in the worpo club lolol
Sep 05 2007 03:46 GMT hbla PRO
well yeah and it goes without saying Londi would get it heehee :)
Sep 05 2007 03:47 GMT hbla PRO
it was HUGE Shari!!
Sep 05 2007 04:17 GMT Sweetoes PRO
But size doesn't really matter,huh Heather?
Sep 05 2007 04:30 GMT hbla PRO
nah...we don't care...only performance matters :)
Sep 05 2007 11:27 GMT jenylew
Oh goody! :-) I love that club!
At least I'm not JUST becoming famous for my potty mouth! Tee hee
Sep 05 2007 19:11 GMT TRICKS4U
Wow, what a Fun-ghi !!!!

Size is a plus though ;)
Sep 06 2007 03:04 GMT hbla PRO
oh my TRICKS you are killing me!
did you just make that up?

Sep 07 2007 11:53 GMT hbla PRO
I wish it was my brain because it was huge!
well, maybe not such a good thing because it was laying on the ground lol.
Sep 07 2007 12:58 GMT Sweetoes PRO
LOL! Not a good thing Heather:-))
Sep 08 2007 05:40 GMT hbla PRO
yeah...I realized that...I don't want my brain rolling around on the ground!! probably you neither! lol