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My very first photo.

I found out about Fotothing from my dad:
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Comments on this photo:

Jun 23 2006 03:22 GMT PhotoPro PRO
Wow! Great 1st shot!!

Welcome to Fotothing!!
Jun 23 2006 09:28 GMT Minz PRO

This is a very nice photograph.
Jun 23 2006 15:20 GMT jomoud PRO
you sure this is your first photo?
I wish my first photo had been as good as yours.
Very well done. But then, you have a very good teacher in your dad:):)
Welcome to Fotothing, have fun here, and I hope to see many more photos of yours.
Therefore, you are now on my "friends" list.
Jun 23 2006 16:17 GMT Levistrauss PRO
Jun 23 2006 19:18 GMT korni
Welcome to Fotothing!!!
LOVELY 1st shot!!
Jun 23 2006 19:35 GMT ashdad PRO
Welcome. It is a beautiufl photo!
Jun 23 2006 21:58 GMT ButterflyShutterfly
Awesome! You have a great teacher! Glad to have you on Fotothing!
Jun 23 2006 23:54 GMT mickmusser
A fine begining. Welcome
Jun 24 2006 00:06 GMT deanbed
Like father, like son, a very good start, now we want more!
Jun 24 2006 00:58 GMT hawk83
thank you for the nice complement
Jun 24 2006 02:37 GMT rafaelm
welcome to Fotothing =)

it's a great photo!
you got a great teacher by your side :)
Jun 24 2006 04:01 GMT Joy34 PRO
Yellow is my favorite flower color. NIce shot. Joy
Jun 24 2006 08:20 GMT kosmos PRO
Great first shot! :)
Jun 24 2006 08:24 GMT iyerhari
Afterall salute yr. Dad:))
Jun 24 2006 21:14 GMT Pondy PRO
Killer first shot..
Jun 24 2006 22:09 GMT Haw59 PRO
Welcome to fotothing. You know it is a great family experience.
Great shot.
Jun 24 2006 22:20 GMT annaschnitfink
Well done! You can almost smell the flower!
Jun 24 2006 22:27 GMT Archer
Looking at the first I can not wait to see what’s coming! Welcome to FT :)
Jun 24 2006 22:41 GMT Afrogie
This is a great shot! Very impressive in original size. You are off to a great start!
Jun 25 2006 02:42 GMT Prikthai
With PhotoPro you have the best teacher.
Jun 25 2006 03:02 GMT blue
Welcome to fotothing. Amazing first shot!
Jun 25 2006 08:01 GMT Nespolo
Welcome here !!! good starting series !!!!

Jun 25 2006 11:49 GMT chokkan
Congrats! Nice shot, and welcome! You have a very nice teacher ;)
Jun 25 2006 14:50 GMT mavik
Welcome to Fotothing!!! You're really doing a fine job!
Jun 25 2006 19:14 GMT Poulet PRO
Welcome to Fotothing!!
Great start!.........Lovely yellow...looks delicate. :))