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Tags the future or is it


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Comments on this photo:

Apr 22 2012 09:40 GMT senna3
Yes, now only three, in the near future many more as a "decoration" of a beautiful landscape!
Apr 22 2012 09:47 GMT happysnaper
Thank you Peter there are lots more of them I could spend all day going around shoting them.
Apr 22 2012 09:57 GMT peterw
Better than smoking chimneys I suppose!
Apr 22 2012 10:14 GMT 25barb
I think that this is the way of the future. To help save the earth it is a great venture.
I have seen so many in my travels and always appreciate the efforts given to this type of invention. The photo is lovely - the white mills against beautiful green and blue...
Apr 22 2012 10:16 GMT happysnaper
Thank you Peter.
Apr 22 2012 10:17 GMT happysnaper
Thank you Barb.
Apr 22 2012 11:14 GMT hans55 PRO
i cant say they are nice ... but its good for the envirement !!
Apr 22 2012 11:44 GMT happysnaper
Thank you Hans.
Apr 22 2012 13:12 GMT skyball
Very debatable Tony!! each of the alternatives has its faults...nice shot!!!!....
Apr 22 2012 13:39 GMT happysnaper
Thank you Geoff.
Apr 22 2012 14:25 GMT Annamaria
A good way for keeping nature clean and saving us money....
Apr 22 2012 14:36 GMT happysnaper
Thank you Anna.
Apr 22 2012 15:05 GMT hallo
What a nice view of modern power generation...well they sure are safer than nuclear power plants!
Apr 22 2012 15:53 GMT clintonfolks
great find.. yes the future...its no secret that i love Windmills...
Apr 22 2012 16:38 GMT happysnaper
Thank you hallo.
Apr 22 2012 16:38 GMT happysnaper
Thank you Hunju.
Apr 22 2012 16:39 GMT happysnaper
Thank you David.
Apr 22 2012 18:26 GMT roncarlin PRO
We have lots of windmills in California. They do have one negative effect when in mass. There not so to look at when they spoil the natural beauty of the landscape.
Apr 22 2012 18:39 GMT happysnaper
Thank you ron yes they do spoil the beauty of the landscape.
Apr 22 2012 23:50 GMT MargNZ
Awesome shot Tony ... the debate over their use goes on here too :)
Apr 23 2012 08:46 GMT happysnaper
Thank you Marg.
Apr 24 2012 09:43 GMT ujbanyiv
Excellent Landscape Photo.
Apr 24 2012 09:57 GMT happysnaper
Thank you ujbanyiv.
Apr 24 2012 14:17 GMT wijnie58
I agree with Barb...Great shot Tony..:-))
Apr 24 2012 14:58 GMT happysnaper
Thank you Wijnie.
Apr 25 2012 21:00 GMT charlie26
Nice observation and shot.
Apr 25 2012 21:27 GMT happysnaper
Thank you Jacqueline.