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Stelling van Amsterdam

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Fort Uithoorn winter 2005
one fort of the 42 of Amsterdams defence system
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Comments on this photo:

Jul 18 2011 07:51 GMT deafcon1
Gaaf zo in de sneeuw!
Jan 21 2012 18:37 GMT randomsnapshot PRO
Ohooo,great place for a phototrip,i like it a lot. A lot!
This kind of destination are my favourite.
For your information ,our capital had a belt of 36 defence points (18 forts and 18 battery ) at beginning of 20th century. Were designed by Henri Alexis Brialmont from Belgium. Until 1989 the army still use 17 of them for ammo storage. Another one
(# 13) is still use today like ...prison. In '50 was one of the hardest political prison:

Some pictures and info ( in romanian language) about all, you will find here: http://www.aureliangalice.ro/personal/centura-de-fortificatii-militare-a-bucurestiului.
and here:

In my area (Black Sea shore) first big military reinforced objects was made in 1942 -1943 from germans
In 1945 the soviets destroyed almost every one.
Contact me if you want more historycal information about the role of Romania in WW2...after all without our oil the germans would stay at home. :)
Jan 21 2012 20:58 GMT hans55 PRO
i have seen your uploads about the German bunkers !! ... great to explore them ... our ring of forts is from the period before WW1 ... never used !
I'am very interresed in our and militairy history ...and from every country i visit ..i always try to find interresting defenceworks !!
Jan 23 2012 12:09 GMT randomsnapshot PRO
Thank you! On my remote control i have Hystory Channel on 2 ;) Now they have some HD materials from WW2,remastereds from celuloid...nice stuff. Unfortunatelly almost nothing about Romania ( or other country from SE Europe) ...and this is sad, the fights was the same or even worse than West...the Ploiesti region ( romanian Texas) was heavilly bombed from RAF and americans,and later from soviets...