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a small misstep ... grounded for the next few days ... time to sort out some pictures !!
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Comments on this photo:

Nov 20 2012 21:10 GMT 25barb
sorry for your grounding... but you can use the time to collect wonderful photos
The red sock makes this a smiling photo for all to see...
Take care and recouperate quickly...
Nov 20 2012 21:43 GMT wijnie58
Helaas dat wordt een paar dagen zitten...!!
En natuurlijk de nodige verzorging....hihi...:-))
Nov 20 2012 22:17 GMT julie13
Poor you. Rest is the best thing so make sure Wijnie is being a good nurse :)
Nov 20 2012 22:36 GMT ForestSpirit PRO
Oh, that must be painful! Get well soon, Hans!
Nov 20 2012 23:36 GMT linnywv PRO
Ouch! Feel better soon! (I love this photo)
Nov 20 2012 23:49 GMT Bellavista
Get well soon Hans!! Pretty sock! :-))
Nov 21 2012 00:48 GMT fhelsing PRO
owww ... I hope that you heal quickly!
Nov 21 2012 03:27 GMT mellie
Ouch, take care Hans and feel better soon.
Nov 21 2012 03:37 GMT hallo
Best excuse to take a rest...take it easy!
Nov 21 2012 04:03 GMT potterjo
Hope you are better soon!
Nov 21 2012 07:50 GMT MargNZ
I am sorry but make the most of your enforced rest Hans .
Nov 21 2012 07:57 GMT hanek
A pessimist will say the car is broken ...
The optimist will say the car has three wheels good :-)
I hope that the pain is to withstand ... ???
Nov 21 2012 10:28 GMT Annamaria
I hope you will be back on your feet soon, Hans!!
Nov 22 2012 10:22 GMT mcdonegal1 PRO
Ouch! Hope it isn't too painful. Great opportunity to do photo processing :)
Nov 22 2012 13:55 GMT bandsix
when you say 'sort out some pictures' you mean watch TV? :))
Bet Wijnie is rushed off her feet:))
Nov 22 2012 15:07 GMT hans55 PRO
ok Barbara ..watching TV and sorting pictures ...and reading some magazines ...not much else to do when seated ! :-)
Nov 22 2012 18:39 GMT elsje323
I hope you will be soon on your feet Hans
Nov 23 2012 01:20 GMT pauli3522
omg..i hope you are feeling better my friend