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This wasnt an easy one this week ... i never wear necklaces or other jewelery ... becouse of my work with machines i not even wear our wedding ring !!
what i do wear is a keycord with my pass at it ...i need it to open most of the doors in our building and get pass the gate at Schiphol !
here some of my collection of keycords ! :-)
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Comments on this photo:

Jan 19 2012 19:50 GMT senna3
Very original interpretation Hans, great entry!
Jan 19 2012 19:51 GMT Annamaria
Nice collection, Hans! I would like to have one with KLM on it...I have to carry a pass too at my office, but I don't have such a nice cord...;-(
Jan 19 2012 19:51 GMT Pea2007
I hate wearing jewelery of any kind.....great entry of another kind Hans.
Jan 19 2012 19:59 GMT Ada90
great choice for theme Hans.....
Jan 19 2012 20:27 GMT elsje323
great collection and entry
Jan 19 2012 20:45 GMT julie13
This is a really good entry. I have some somewhere that they sell at festivals, it holds small booklets listing the bands and the times they play.
Jan 19 2012 21:23 GMT abojovna PRO
Very funny entry Hans! Have a beautiful weekend!
Jan 19 2012 21:30 GMT wijnie58
And very nice entry Hans..:-))
Jan 19 2012 21:38 GMT jomoud PRO
I love your choices for the theme Hans.:)
Even I still have one of these "KLM" necklaces:):)
Perfect entry.
I hope you and Wijnie will have a great weekend.
Jan 19 2012 23:42 GMT martini957
Well you came up with good ones my friend...cool entry
Jan 20 2012 00:46 GMT MargNZ
Great interpretation of today's theme Hans ... nice entry :)
Jan 20 2012 00:49 GMT fhelsing PRO
a fun entry!
Jan 20 2012 01:58 GMT Milibuh
Creative !!!
Jan 20 2012 03:42 GMT junne PRO
you at least still have your wedding band. i sold mine ! :-))))
Jan 20 2012 04:06 GMT laurab1
Great entry Hans !
Jan 20 2012 06:44 GMT gwen83
Erg leuk:-))
Jan 20 2012 07:56 GMT ThorBeverley PRO
Great idea Hans - good thinking!
Jan 20 2012 11:14 GMT eliaskhalil
Nice collection Hans. Interesting entry as well.
So you work at the airport Schiphol! There is always a dilemma going around the world about pronouncing the name! So i need your help on that.
Jan 20 2012 12:14 GMT Lie
This is a great find.... a neckless who can open all doors for you....everyone wants one I think....
Jan 20 2012 12:21 GMT MissElli
Priceless necklace Hans! ;-)
Jan 20 2012 12:21 GMT sini
Great idea and entry!:)
Jan 20 2012 12:54 GMT superJoan
Great MAN entry
Jan 20 2012 22:05 GMT aquiles PRO
Jan 21 2012 00:46 GMT Studio88
Great Idea - Fabulous Entry ;-)